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Trinny Woodall’s daughter, Lyla Elichaoff, “took care” of her after her split from Charles Saatchi.

Trinny Woodall 'raised' by daughter after Saatchi split

Trinny Woodall ‘raised’ by daughter after Saatchi split

The 59-year-old TV presenter revealed that she turned to Lyla, 19, following the recent breakup of her relationship with businessman Charles, 80, after 10 years.

Speaking to Woman and Home magazine, she said: “I’ve been through some tough times recently, but I feel good. Lyla likes being my mom.”

“We are quite close because she doesn’t have a dad. We know we only have each other, so we have to work things out faster after an argument.”

Trinny was married to Lyla’s father, Johnny Elichaoff, from 1999 to 2008. Johnny, who had battled painkiller addiction for 20 years, committed suicide in 2014.

And Trinny explained that she and Lyla are very dependent on each other.

She explained: “I was in a car accident in Los Angeles recently. I’m fine, just a little bruised. But when I told her, she went from zero to hysterical in two seconds. Because during that nanosecond she heard, ‘My mom might not be okay.’ It makes our relationship stronger.”

It was first reported in March that Trinny had split from Saatchi, with their 21-year age difference blamed for the breakup.

Trinny previously dismissed the suggestion that Charles provided financial support for her business plans, insisting that she was proud of the fact that she has always worked hard for her own success.

She told The Sun on Sunday: “I have always been self-sufficient.

“In my marriage to Johnny, I was the main breadwinner for the family. So being with Charles hasn’t changed anything to do with that. I know what I’m doing in my life and I know what I’m paying for.”

Trinny previously presented ‘What Not to Wear’ on the BBC alongside Susannah Constantine.

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