President Trump and Governor DeSantis should join forces against Biden, but only until the August debate. By doing so, they are able to defeat him and ensure his defeat. Taking on Kamala will be a walk in the park for any of you. It’s crucial to refrain from personal attacks, as such unprofessional behavior only provides content and sound bites for the Democrats to hurl at you. Here are my thoughts and “solutions” for each of you.

I urge you to embrace humility, although I understand that listening is not your strong point. This advice comes from a group that secured numerous donations and convinced a million Democrats to vote for you in 2016. We did contribute, though not as significantly in 2020. Our readers felt you were carrying both intended and unintended baggage, while who attributes your achievements solely to yourself. It’s important to recognize that your supporters played an important role in contributing funds and supporting your great ideas. At times, you seem isolated in your own bubble, where your passionate supporters in speeches dwarf any shortcomings. As a once-loyal Trumper, both I and my readers are looking for more substance. What is your platform beyond Energy and the wall? These topics are undoubtedly important, but it is essential to present facts that support your new platform. Facts, though they’ve never been his forte, have a bigger impact on voters than personal attacks. Trying to rein in news cycles with negative coverage won’t work against the smart DeSantis. Why risk angering the person who offered to forgive him? Pushing him too hard could put him in danger. Currently, you have nothing to lose. Winning would be great, but losing means all your legal problems are gone. I have never witnessed a situation like this without possible drawbacks. If I were his campaign manager or DeSantis’s, I would sit down and strategize where both of them would emerge as the ultimate contenders. All those 4-5% voters will accumulate more than 25% in the final Republican vote. Which of you would hurt the most? Let’s work for a victory for all conservatives at all levels of office. Finally, when endorsing lower-tier candidates at rallies, allow them to speak for at least 30 minutes. They will predominantly sing your praises, which is much more impactful than bragging about yourself. If possible, recruit others to advocate for your cause. By the time the debates roll around, you and DeSantis will be neck-and-neck in the polls, allowing you to be more assertive. Together, you can set the stage for success. Good luck!

Running for President as Governor is invaluable, especially for someone as successful as you. Governors typically carry less baggage and it is imperative to maintain that advantage. Your intelligence and quick thinking are remarkable, although you can be too hasty at times. Don’t let reporters catch you off guard and avoid giving them the opportunity to create negative news cycles. It’s their job, and by not saying anything, you can prevent such situations. Trump has developed a thick skin from the relentless attacks he faced from the mainstream media, roused liberals and even members of his own party. Some of the biggest betrayals occurred inside the White House, which certainly made him a formidable opponent. However, his cool demeanor, intelligence, and impressive resume make him more than capable of handling it. The debates between the two of you are likely to attract huge audiences. I hope there will be three debates, and in the last one only you two participate. By then, you will have dismantled and forced others out, taking their funding, and going home. Use Disney’s greatest commitment to your advantage; we have ideas on how to achieve that, but that’s a discussion for another day. He has the potential to be a president for all, inspiring people from all walks of life. Encourage the poor to strive for the better instead of perpetuating their situation like awakened liberals do. Encourage corporations to participate in positive initiatives while maintaining their market shares. Also, inspire the wealthy to engage in non-passive charity work. The war on poverty has gotten worse in the last 50 years despite the trillions of dollars spent. If the private sector dedicates their best minds and resources to this cause, they can solve it in four years.




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