Trump desperately seeks a suspension from the appeals court as his time runs out to hide 1/6 documents


Trump’s lawyers asked a federal appeals court for a temporary stay so he could appeal to turn over the documents to the 1/6 Committee.

Trump appeals to a fictional executive privilege

Trump’s lawyers are still claiming a fictional executive privilege:

President Trump is also likely to be successful in his appeal because the district court wrongly held that President Biden had unlimited discretion to allow Congress to invade President Trump’s executive privilege. New questions about congressional access to presidential documents and executive privileges are at the heart of this case. These are serious issues, which the Supreme Court has defined as “fundamental to the ‘operation of the government'”. Mazars, 140 S. Ct. at 2032 (citing United States v. Nixon, 418 US 683, 708 (1974)).

The disagreement between an incumbent president and his predecessor from a rival political party highlights the importance of executive privilege and the ability of presidents and their advisers to reliably create and receive the full and frank USCA case No. 21-5254 Document no. 1921966 Filed: 11/11/2021 Page 8 of 15 (Page 8 of Total), without worrying that communications are made public to achieve a political goal. This political confrontation also implies the recognition by the Supreme Court of the right of every president to assert executive privilege.

If Trump doesn’t get a suspension, the 1/6 Committee gets the documents

It’s easy to see Trump getting a temporary suspension, based on his right of appeal, but if the appeals court doesn’t intervene today, the 1/6 Committee will have call logs and draft speeches on their hands tomorrow.

Judging by the amount of detail in the subpoenas they are issuing, the 1/6 Committee seems to have a fairly clear idea of ​​what was happening in the White House before and before the attack on the Capitol.

If the Committee gets the documents, it will send a message to Trump and his allies, who are trying to block and obstruct the investigation, which the courts will not allow Trump to run out of time.


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