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Trump’s latest illusion: “I am the father of the vaccine”

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Former President Donald Trump did some of his favorite things Thursday morning: He called Fox Business, criticized public health officials and bragged about his presidency. Hours after the president Joe biden praised his own administration’s distribution and administration of coronavirus vaccines in a joint session of Congress, Trump tried (again) to take credit for the nation’s success: “In a way, I am the father of the vaccine because I he was the only one who pushed him. “The former president proceeded to mock Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, for allegedly underestimating the vaccine schedule, a evidence-free claim that Trump also did during an interview with Fox News last month. “Push [the FDA] like they’ve never been pushed before and that’s why we have it, “Trump said. He said From Fox Maria Bartiromo.

Trump’s deception about his efforts was perhaps inspired by the Republican Party itself on Wednesday night, as a senator. Tim scott, giving the Republican response to Biden’s speech, attempted to diminish Biden’s achievements in the pandemic by stating that his administration “inherited a tide that had already turned” and “the coronavirus is fleeing,” for Axios. “Thanks to Operation Warp Speed ​​and the Trump administration, our country is awash in safe and effective vaccines,” said the South Carolina lawmaker, a claim that the AP called “a real stretch” given that beyond executing the delivery of two vaccines, the vaccine launch under the Trump administration was characterized overwhelmingly by supply shortage other communication failed with state governors. Biden’s team that reportedly surprised to inherit a nonexistent vaccine distribution plan after Opening Day, despite the fact that by then two vaccines had been approved for emergency use for weeks.

Trump spent the last 10 months of his presidency publicly undermining science, security protocols, and the general threat posed by the virus. In November, it was reported that he had not attended a coronavirus task force meeting in at least five months, avoiding his active participation in his administration’s response for much of 2020 and then using his final months in office to try to reverse the elections that he clearly lost. All of which left Biden with a terrible mess to clean up upon taking office, a transition that occurred during the third and deadliest wave of infections in the US. 200 million Vaccines have been administered in Biden’s first 100 days.

“Trump supporters want credit for the vaccine, which many of them refuse to receive as a way to own libraries.” I got it? ” the New Yorker‘s Susan glasser tweeted Wednesday night. Fox News, which seems unable to clarify its story on the COVID vaccine, “almost immediately relayed a complaint that Biden did not extend a thank you to Trump for speeding up the vaccine schedule.” according to CNN Brian Stelter. Both Stelter and Glasser point to the hypocrisy of Trump supporters, particularly those in conservative media outlets like Fox, who immediately argue that the previous administration deserves more credit for the US vaccination effort and fuel. skepticism about getting the jab. Trump on Thursday called the vaccine vacillation “a great situation,” but did not promise to do anything about it, even as he acknowledged requests for him to make a public service announcement promoting the vaccine to his followers, as the main Biden’s health officer. urged this week. As a politician reported, all of the former presidents and living first ladies appeared in a public service announcement of the vaccine last month, with the exception of the Trumps. In January, the former president chose not to get publicly vaccinated, as other officials did, and his support for the vaccine has been largely in passing.

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