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Try Guys cut ties with Ned Fulmer over workplace issue

The Try Guys, a comedy group that rose to fame on YouTube and created a mini media empire, announced Tuesday that it would stop working with one of its founding members, Ned Fulmer, after he said he was in a romantic relationship with an employee.

“As a result of a thorough internal review, we do not see a way forward together,” the now three-member group wrote on Twitter. “We appreciate your support as we navigate this change.”

Fulmer, who is also an executive producer on Try Guys, He apologized to his wife and fans on social media Tuesday and acknowledged having a “consensual employment relationship.”

After rising to fame on Buzzfeed’s main YouTube channel, the Try Guys started their own company. in 2018. Since then, his independent YouTube channel has earned more than 7.8 million subscribers and 2.1 billion views. They also launched podcasts, published a New York Times bestselling book, toured the United States and reached an agreement with Food Network for a cooking show based on one of their popular video series.

The Try Guys, along with a broader cast of characters, are known for videos showing them engaging in novel activities such as swimming with sharks either being hypnotized on camera Although his videos are often laced with adult humor, Fulmer has sought to distinguish himself by cultivating a personal brand centered around his image as a loving husband and father. YouTube fan accounts have created supercuts from every time Fulmer says “my wife” in the Try Guys videos. Fulmer and his wife, Ariel, also co-published “The Date Night Cookbook,” a collection of recipes, and launched a podcast for parents.

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Fulmer has secured partnership agreements with companies like Target and the Thomas and friends Children’s toy brand. on an instagram advertising from last year, he awkwardly juggled sippy cups and a bottle of baby powder before revealing a doll in his likeness. The doll yells “My wife!” in Fulmer’s voice as she presses a button.

“It’s almost jubilant. … People are incredibly sensitive to irony,” said Colin Campbell, a marketing professor at the University of San Diego. “By positioning himself in that arena, he’s gone against himself and almost made himself a fantastic target for people who make fun of him and share memes or any kind of content about him.”

Speculation about Fulmer’s departure had circulated widely on social media in the hours leading up to the announcement, with the term “wife” trending on Twitter after Try Guys released their statement. The term is often used to refer to men who gain internet fame by creating content about their wives.

The Try Guys could have risked losing advertising partners if Fulmer remained part of the group, Campbell said. Brands often sign contracts with clauses that allow them to reassess a deal if their partner does “anything that goes against the corporate values ​​of the brand,” such as a relationship with a subordinate employee, she said.

“If I were a brand, it is unlikely that I would want to continue working with them, at least until more information came out,” he added.

The Food Network, representatives for Try Guys and the publisher of “The Date Night Cookbook” could not be immediately reached for comment Tuesday night.


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