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Hello besties! I am back! I didn’t end up posting last week because we just got back from our trip to Santa Barbara and mom was exhausted. It was one of those moments where I had to ask myself: what can’t I do this week to get back into balance? So I had to take a step back on a few things, and it served me well because now I’m recharged and I feel like myself again. 🙂

Let’s get into Tuesday of 12 things this week! We have so much to catch up on! and next week I really want to do a issue for all 12 things, so let me know again below what topic you’d like me to cover: products, spirituality, motherhood, astrology, being a PAS…?!

Tuesday of 12 things!

1. First of all, formatting this post gave me an amazing memory from high school and even elementary school when I was blogging on AOL message boards giving advice, creating my own fonts, coding the backend for that my fonts had a lot of different pastel colors. , YO did the damn thing. It’s amazing to look back and think that there really couldn’t be a more suitable job for me than this. I’ve always loved going online and I found the internet to be a great place to do it. The fact that we can reach people anywhere in the world and in such an immediate way?!?! I will never get over it.

2. Speaking of which, did you guys see the photo I posted to my stories the other day of me in high school hosting a photo shoot at the mall (in front of a Ben & Jerry’s, no less! 😂) to show you that Does the life of blogging run deep in my veins?! I would post on my Xanga every weekend about my weekend, my thoughts and give advice. It was fun. Having a great moment of memory right now and feeling very grateful for this little space on the internet and for everyone here in our community. <3 I'm one lucky girl. Here is the photo in question!!!

3. Alright, many of you have been asking about my DUTCH hormone test results. I want to do a full dive on this, but the bottom line is that my estrogen was extremely high. Like, off the charts. Which is so wild because I eat so clean, I don’t drink plastic, I’ve been working on my hormones/health for so long… but postpartum life can really mess with our bodies. And it definitely has with mine. So I started taking a supplement called FemGuard + Balance, and it has a ton of amazing stuff that helps balance hormones like DIM, chaste tree extract, broccoli seed, resveratrol, and more. I’ll update you on how it’s working for me…Hope for the best.

4. The rest of my DUTCH test was pretty normal, which feels like a blessing after the long road to health I’ve been on, but I’m also confused because I still have a lot of inflammation in my body. I know MCAS is skyrocketing right now, hence the funny rashes I’m getting all over my face again. We’re figuring it all out, but sometimes this shit gets really exhausting. Anyone else dealing with an autoimmune disease, I see you. <3

5. We did a super fun mommy and baby shoot yesterday with an amazing studio photographer and I’m so excited to see the photos. I went all out and spray tanned, did my hair and makeup and Attie took a nice long 3 hour nap before the shoot which was perfect. Time moves so fast these days that I just want to bottle it all up, and I really wanted to make sure we captured some extra special shots at this age. 1.5 years old is the cutest age so far. He listened very well to the photographers and we are so natural, my mom and I used to say that I had to be a model! We’ll see if I can ever convince Jonathan that it’s a good idea. 😉

6. The last few weeks of podcasts have been really special! Have you tuned in? Kenzie Burke discussed the topic of the ebbs and flows of friendships (and our own history of the ebbs and flows of friendship), and I was delighted to share that topic because I feel like it’s seen as taboo and not talked about enough. We also had a bonus episode with the founders of Fatty15, an amazing C15 supplement that was created for longevity and discovered while working with dolphins in the navy! it was fascinating. And then we had my dear friend Samantha Demarkles to talk about single motherhood: she has 3 children under the age of 6. I highly recommend it. She is amazing.

7. Tomorrow’s episode of Annnndd is with Ainslie MacLeod, the talented past life medium and psychic who has appeared on Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and more. She has been around forever. Having him felt like a dream come true. Who plans to listen?

8. Jonathan got me all these cute Bravo stickers for my Stanley and now every time I look at them I laugh out loud. The highlight is Kathy Hilton saying “who’s hunky dory?” & Vicki Gunvalson screaming about a small family van. The best stickers I’ve ever had. If you understand these references you need to tell me below because we are cut from the same cloth if so and I am OBSESSED.

9. I’m currently drinking from my TBB Visualize It mug, and I just have to say that I feel like these mugs didn’t get enough publicity. They are a viiiibe and I use mine every day. Perfect gift for a spiritual friend in your life or a coffee lover. Right now I am having my decaf with almond milk and it is the BEST.

10. The decaf I like right now is the Canyon Coffee brand. It’s the best I’ve ever had by far and it’s not bitter at all. To all my fellow non-caffeinated mates out there, you need to check this out!

11. Speaking of hormones, I’m also taking another hormone test right now… the Veracity saliva test! You can go to veracityselfcare.com/balanced to get 20% off your hormone test kit and amazing hormone compatible skincare. Right now I am obsessed with this brand. Not sponsored, just want to share the love. Doing this and the DUTCH test will give you an incredible base of information to fix any hormonal imbalance.

12. I am reading a new fiction book right now that I am LOVING. It’s a Happy Place by Emily Henry. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too beachy a read for me, but I really like it and I’ve been getting over it. Highly recommended.

13. Have you been watching the TBB podcast on my YouTube? We’ve been releasing episodes about two weeks after the audio release and it’s a super fun way to get involved if you’re more of a video person!

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