Twenty Two Years of Corporate Crimes Against Humanity – News Block

2001 to 2023

Every crazy move the United States government has made in the last 22 years; the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, the exponential expansion of their military bases around the world (800++) their sanctions wars on Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Russia and every nation that dared to defy the dictates of the US.

The official history or ‘narrative’ they have stuck to regarding 911 is so full of gaps that they have turned science (physics, math and chemistry) into a joke. Furthermore, the war that corporate government has waged against anyone who has challenged the US governments sleazy narrative, from a solid professional perspective, continues as they have been fired, censored, silenced, bankrupt, or all of the above.

The global police state that emerged as a result of 911 has since slid into the totalitarian fascist world we have all experienced since its global swindle of 2020. Now, today in 2023, the US military is in charge of the response to future plandemics; a future war that they will launch on the world’s population in the future as the US banking corporatocracy falls further and further into bankruptcy.

Today, if anyone dares to challenge any of the crazy government narratives that are being shoved down our throats, they are declared enemies of the state…it doesn’t take much imagination to see where this is going.

The US power structure is not only out of control, but has metastasized into a corporate fascist entity with roots and tentacles in every puppet nation under its banking influence and/or NATO dictatorship. Their future vision is war, disease, poverty, famine, and a fascist police state.

Did you not see and hear their evil intentions with your own eyes and ears during the last three years of their fake pandemic? I’ve seen it since 911 and it’s time everyone else did too! Now is the time for the American people, and indeed people around the world in the know, to stand up and show their neighbors what has really been going on. Wake up the sleepers!

Revolution: An Instruction Manual

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