Two Different Assessments of COVID-19 Pandemic News Coverage |


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Gary Schwitzer is the founder and editor of HealthNewsReview. He has been dealing almost exclusively with health news since 1973. Here is his bio online. Tweet how @garyschwitzer or how @HealthNewsRevu.

Two new journalistic analyzes of news coverage on the 2020-2021 pandemic were released this week. I was interviewed in each of them.

Science reporter Faye Flam produced a new episode for his podcast “Follow the Science”, with funding from the Society for Professional Journalists. He interviewed me, David Leonhardt of the New York Times and David Wallace-Wells of New York Magazine.

And science journalist Jillian Mock quoted me and a dozen other people she interviewed in her piece for Medscape, ‘Dreck’ to the drama: how the media handled, and were handled, by COVID.


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