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UBC Trainers in PEIThe University of British Columbia established a Masters in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership 10 years ago to raise the professional level of coaching in Canada.

“We are thrilled to see our current graduates and students leading athletes at the Canada Games in PEI,” said David Hill, UBC adjunct professor and director of system improvement with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. In all, nine UBC alumni and current students are game-leading athletes in the sports of Karate, Gymnastics, Speed ​​Skating, Badminton, Hockey, Freestyle Skiing, and Cross Country Skiing, representing Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

“Canada Games is a critical entry point into high-performance sport in Canada, and it’s great to see our students making a positive impact in their respective sports,” said Maria Gallo, a UBC professor and MHPCTL program supervisor. “The big games are a great opportunity for athletes and coaches to experience other sports, and we had 10 coaches representing Canada at the Tokyo Olympics.” Gallo talks about her experience of having been a coach at the Tokyo Games.

“The landscape of sport continues to evolve and we strive to stay at the forefront of performance, but most importantly is the safety and well-being of the athletes,” Hill said. “It is a testament to those who strive to improve as coaches no matter what stage of their career they are at.”

The UBC program provides a unique opportunity for coaches to enroll in a Master’s program without a formal bachelor’s degree, but does recognize prior learning experience and other qualifications for entry into the program. “This is a very innovative program and we are grateful to UBC for supporting lifelong learning,” Gallo said. In fact, the average student age is 38 and it is truly a pan-Canadian approach to professional coach development with links to the National Coach Certification Program of Canada. “We are grateful for our association with the Canadian Coaches Association, where the UBC program also awards the coveted NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma,” Hill said. UBC students have the option of completing a one-year postgraduate certificate, which converts to a two-year Master’s program.

“We would like to wish all the coaches and athletes at the Canada Games success in achieving their goals and we hope our coaches will be able to connect while they are at the Games,” Gallo said.

The list of UBC coaches in PEI includes:

gabriel sila Karate Team Québec HPCTL Certificate Graduate
jimen jennings Karate ontario team Graduate MHPCTL
kraig devlin Karate BC team Graduate MHPCTL
nicole garrido Speed ​​skating BC team Current MHPCTL student
Phyllis Chan Badminton BC team HPCTL Certificate Graduate
antoine vallieres Gym Team Québec Current MHPCTL student
chrismanhard Cross country ski BC team Graduate MHPCTL
graham pollock freestyle skiing BC team Current HPCTL student
robin ulrich Hockey Team Sask Graduate MHPCTL

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