Upcycle: Smart (and inexpensive) ideas to freshen up your Christmas tree

Charmaine Pamintuan decorates the family Christmas tree with oversized candy canes, fabric-covered balls and ribbons.

Aubrey Miles has many titles. She’s an actress, singer, presenter, entrepreneur, and social media influencer, but you might as well call her the queen of pandemic hobbies.

Miles is known for his love of plants. His journey with the plantita is well documented on his Instagram (@milesaubrey) and in several news outlets, including Lifestyle.

We recently found out that she also spent her free time covering old Christmas balls with fabric to give them new life. The actress planted not just one, but two trees last month or exactly 90 days before Christmas.

“Never too early for children,” she wrote on her Instagram. Miles has two children with actor Troy Montero: Hunter, 13, and Rocket, 2. She said her kids helped hang balls this year.

Her Christmas tree is designed with black and white Scottish buffalo ribbons, ears of wheat, acorns, white and gold baubles, wooden houses and other whimsical Christmas details. The plaid is repeated on the dining table runner, on the cushions and on the garland hanging from the window.

Aubrey Miles’ black and white Scottish theme for a country house feel

“I’ve always liked the buffalo plaid. Reminds me of our home in the United States. Now that we can’t travel yet, I just want a country / barn theme, “she told Lifestyle. She also wears her love of plaid. We saw the actress in a plaid sweater wrapped around her waist in one of her IG posts. .

“I covered some balls with a black plaid. I couldn’t find any checkered / plaid balls online, so I took some ribbons and wrapped them with it, “she said. The process took days, but the results were worth it. Her work looks unique and expensive.

His second Christmas tree is a thin eight-foot tree that he placed near the stairs. It has a red plaid and is decorated in a similar way to the main tree, except that the decorations are in red. He said he has two trees because he doesn’t want a single big one.

Miles changes theme every two years. He chooses themes based on what he sees in movies or TV series. He keeps some of his furniture around, but he also disposes of others by selling them after the holidays.

Aubrey Miles creates a tree that reminds her of their family’s American home. – @AUBREY MILES INSTAGRAM

She doesn’t hire a stylist for her tree because she likes to think about the concept every year.

“I love to decorate my tree. It’s therapeutic, “he said.

Time for the family

Charmaine Pamintuan also personalized her Christmas balls by wrapping them in fabric. The chief marketing officer of KFC Philippines said wrapping the old balls with the fabric is cheaper than buying new ones.

“We wrapped the old balls in a red and white fabric that we bought from Kamuning. We tied them with red and white ribbons to embellish them, “she said.

Pamintuan said they used to spend P5,000-P8,000 on new decorations, but this year the fabric and ribbons cost only P1,000.

The family worked together on the tree as everyone works from home. They put up their tree early because they want to instill good vibes in their home.

Charmaine Pamintuan with her tree, which the family planted early to instill good vibes in their home.

“The fun part was wrapping the Christmas balls together. We found that the ‘process’ of making it new again, doing it together, was a good bonding time for us, “he said. The moment was priceless. They kept away from their laptops and phones. They confronted each other and they had real conversations.

Pamintuan said his tree theme usually follows the colors of the company he works for, hence the red and white tree this year. Two years ago he worked for Goldilocks, so their tree was gold and yellow. He was blue and white when he worked with the investigator.

“We change our theme every year to make the holidays exciting. We were buying new decorations every year to match the theme, so we ended up accumulating and storing the old ones, ”he said. Since they already had so many, they decided to recycle the old decorations.

Pamintuan comes from two great clans. They spent Christmas Eve with his mother’s family and Christmas Day with his father’s. They won’t be able to do it this year. But they will continue their tradition of exchanging playful gifts.

Pamintuan wraps her old Christmas balls in red and white fabrics she bought at Kamuning Market.

“I told my brother, who likes motorcycles, that I would give him the full biker gear. He was excited, just to get a jacket, shirt and GrabFood delivery box, ”he said.

Once, they searched for the treasure for their gifts inside the house. They go out of their way to make every year memorable and fun. INQ


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