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Finally, Meta is taking full advantage of the Quest 2 chipset.

Meta Quest 2 with third-party head strap and extra-long charging cable with USB C connector
Jordan Gloor / Geek Review

Meta Quest 3 is only a few months away. But maybe you don’t need a new VR headset: Meta is rolling out the v55 update, which significantly increases the CPU and GPU performance of Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Also, this update should increase the pixel density of games through of a new dynamic solving function.

According to Meta, the v55 update increases the CPU clock speed of Quest 2 and Quest Pro by 26%. And GPU performance increases 19% in Quest 2 (although GPU gains are only 11% in Quest Pro).

These profits are obtained through improvement—Meta is not increasing the power consumption of your headphones, so in theory, the v55 update should not affect battery life. Yes, maybe this update is a little overdue, but it’s a sign that Meta is getting used to Snapdragon’s XR chipset platform.

Along with CPU and GPU improvements, the v55 update introduces dynamic resolution. This feature will allow game developers to increase the pixel density of their games. Meta shared a short example video, which you should probably take with a grain of salt, as the improvement will only be tangible while you’re wearing the headphones.

And v55 adds some quality of life improvements like multi-touch support in the Quest browser. He worlds horizon The app now has some new locations, and the Quest Explore page allows you to explore Instagram Reels and other social media platforms.

You should be able to install the v55 update today. Otherwise, wait a few days; this is a phased implementation. To manually update your headset, press the Menu button on your controller and select the Settings icon. Go to System and check for a software update.

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Meta Quest 2 is the most affordable standalone VR headset. It’s great for gaming, exploring VR worlds, or socializing in VR.

Source: Meta via The Verge

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