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Ideal for living rooms, guest rooms or college dorm rooms.

Josh Hendrickson / Geek Review

Ideal for living rooms, guest rooms or college dorm rooms.

We’re still a week before Prime Day, but Amazon is slashing prices on popular TVs from TCL, Samsung, Insignia, LG, and other brands. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a college student, now is the perfect time to dive in and grab a TV big or small.

These Smart TV discounts are quite diverse – there is something for everyone. If you need a small smart TV, there are plenty of options for under $100. Those who need a big 4K OLED TV will also find plenty of savings, though of course you can buy a big 4K TV for just a few hundred bucks if you skip the elegant OLED panel.

Here are the best early Prime Day deals on TVs:

Those looking for a small TV to put in their bedroom, kitchen, or guest room should check out Insignia’s 24-inch Fire TV, which is just $65 during today’s sale. And don’t let the 720p resolution scare you off, because at this size, there’s not a huge difference between 720p and 1080p. Either resolution will look super sharp on a 24-inch screen.

If quality is your main concern, I suggest going for an OLED TV. Unlike a normal LCD TV, an OLED TV can reproduce true black: it offers the best possible contrast and color accuracy. The only downside is that there aren’t many small OLED TVs out there, and even during a sale, OLED is a bit pricey.

Amazon Prime Day will officially start on July 11 and end on the night of July 12. Of course, these early Prime Day deals may change (or disappear) as Prime Day approaches. If you want to prepare yourself for more deals and discounts, I suggest you set up an Amazon wish list and subscribe to check out geekfree newsletter.

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