US gold medal sprinkled with pepper in racist attack


The rise of racism under the Trump administration is characterized by what Suni Lee, who won gold in global gymnastics for the United States in Tokyo, certainly went through recently in Los Angeles. Lee is currently featured on dancing with the Stars.

Popsugar interviewed one of the shining stars of our US Olympic team and told what happened to her.

“Suni’s successes do not make her immune to the painful and dangerous realities of anti-Asian hatred in America.

With the rate of unprovoked violence against Asian Americans fueled by COVID-19 misinformation continuing to rise nationwide, she tells me she faced a racist attack a week before our conversation.

As they waited for an Uber after a night out with her friends, all of Asian descent, they were surprised by a group rushing by in a car yelling racist slurs like “ching chong” and insisting they “come back from where. they came. “A passenger, says Suni, sprayed pepper spray on her arm as the car pulled away.”

Republicans on TV try to make California look like a liberal paradise, even if it’s a big state, but there are a lot of MAGAs, QAnon and Bircher Lunatics out there.

President Biden made a point to discuss the rising rate of violence against Asian-Americans across the country, but many Americans didn’t realize it during the pandemic. He set up an inter-agency initiative from the Department of Justice to tackle anti-Asian violence.

This is a complete embarrassment for this nation, but under Republicans since 2015, lies, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories have risen to unreasonable levels that continue not to be controlled by the Republican leadership in Congress and in the right-wing media.

They are a scourge for our nation.


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