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The San Antonio Spurs have a storied history of success in the NBA, and a significant part of that success can be attributed to their ability to select impact players with the number one overall pick in the draft. From David Robinson to Tim Duncan, the Spurs have a tradition of turning their best draft picks into franchise pillars. Now, with Victor Wembanyama joining the Spurs as the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, the question begs: Will he carry on the legacy of the Spurs’ previous draft triumphs?

A legacy of excellence:

David Robinson, known as “The Admiral,” was the Spurs’ first overall pick in the 1987 NBA Draft. His commanding presence and exceptional skills made an immediate impact, transforming the Spurs into contenders. Robinson’s dominance earned him multiple accolades, including two NBA championships and Hall of Fame induction. He set a high bar for future No. 1 picks in San Antonio.

Following in Robinson’s footsteps, Tim Duncan was selected as the number one pick in 1997. Duncan’s arrival ushered in a new era for the Spurs. With his fundamental skills, leadership and commitment to the team’s success, Duncan became one of the best power forwards in NBA history. Along with Robinson, he brought the Spurs five NBA championships.

Victor Wembanyama’s promise:

Now, all eyes are on Victor Wembanyama, the young French basketball sensation chosen as the number one pick by the San Antonio Spurs. At an impressive 7’2″ with a versatile skill set, Wembanyama has the potential to follow in the footsteps of Robinson and Duncan.

Wembanyama possesses exceptional shot-blocking ability, smooth shooting and the agility to handle the ball. His unique combination of size, athleticism, and basketball IQ has attracted the attention of scouts around the world. With proper development and guidance from the Spurs coaching staff, Wembanyama has a chance to become a dominant force in the NBA.

Continuing the Spurs winning tradition:

The Spurs have built a culture of success through strong leadership, selfless teamwork and disciplined play. They have consistently focused on player development and maximizing the potential of their draft picks. Wembanyama’s arrival presents an exciting opportunity for Spurs to continue their winning tradition.

While it’s unfair to saddle Wembanyama with the expectation of only carrying on the legacy of Robinson and Duncan, he has the potential to become a vital piece of the Spurs puzzle. With the right support system and a commitment to growing him, Wembanyama can contribute to the team’s success and help get Spurs back into championship contention.


The selection of Victor Wembanyama as the number one pick by the San Antonio Spurs opens up a world of possibilities. While he can’t replicate the success of the iconic Twin Towers era on his own, Wembanyama has the potential to forge his own legacy in San Antonio.

As Spurs continue their tradition of selecting the best talent, Wembanyama represents a new chapter in their pursuit of excellence. With guidance from the Spurs organization and the opportunity to learn from the team’s rich history, Wembanyama has the opportunity to contribute to the franchise’s continued success.

Only time will tell if Victor Wembanyama will be able to carry on the legacy of the Spurs’ number one draft picks. However, with his unique skill set and the foundation laid by past Spurs legends, the potential for greatness is undeniably present. Spurs fans can look forward to seeing Wembanyama’s journey unfold and look forward to a new era of triumph in San Antonio.

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