[VIDEO] Many Americans have been outraged by what they call the Navy’s “most outrageous stunt”


Many Americans are disgusted with today’s “awakened” military. From generals who are more concerned about the trans flag than the American flag to an altogether new and more effeminate “atmosphere” that has taken over the mighty US fighting machine. It is a definitive shift towards a more progressive army and it looks very political. Many of the current leaders seem more concerned with being “awakened” and spreading the liberal ideology than with opposing our enemy. Everything has become so political and “social activism” has now become commonplace in the US military and this is not how our fighting force should behave.


And just when you think it can’t get any worse than before, the Navy says “keep my beer” and pulls out one of their cuter stunts.

The United States Navy just named one of their naval vessels after gay rights leader Harvey Milk, and they named it after a transgender veterinarian.

For many Americans, this is just too much “progressive politics” and you can’t blame them, can you?

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You can watch the video below:


NBC Newss reported that a Navy ship named for murdered gay rights leader Harvey Milk, who served four years in the Navy before being expelled, was baptized and launched Saturday in San Diego Bay.

USNS Harvey Milk refueling oiler slipped down the yard’s streets after a bottle of champagne was smashed in the bow by former Navy officer Paula M. Neira, clinical program director for the John Hopkins Center for Transgender Health.

Milk’s grandson Stuart Milk and Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro attended the traditional ceremony.

“The Secretary of the Navy was supposed to be here today, not only to right the wrongs of the past, but to inspire all of our LGBTQ community leaders who have served in the Navy, in uniform today and also in the civilian workforce, and to tell them we are committed to them in the future, ”Del Toro said.

Here are the comments from people online:

“We’re so fucked up it’s not even funny”

“The USS sign of virtue”

“How does all this help fight a war?”

“Meanwhile, China has built a full-scale US naval fleet with a full-scale US aircraft carrier in the desert to combat an attack on US naval fleets. Let it sink in for a second. “

“Fuck this country of clowns.”

“I am horrified by this. It is liberal politics that is stuffed in everyone’s throat and I’m fed up with it ”

“Damn, we keep getting softer, right?”

“It’s nice and all but how will it help us against a war with China?”

“It’s so embarrassing to be an American nowadays”

“I, for example, can’t wait for the inevitable Chinese takeover”

“We can stop using the military as a social experiment and focus on training effective soldiers”

I think the last line really sums up how people feel.

The military is not here to promote social issues.

They exist to protect Americans.


And all this virtue that signals and pushes towards progressive problems is distracting from this purpose.


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