[VIDEO] Prager U tries to persuade Berkeley students to donate to Taliban: results are scandalous


Going to college shouldn’t be called getting a “higher” education. We should call it receiving an “awakened” instruction. Because, honestly, that’s all. A bunch of rich and dirty America-hating professors brainwashing your kids to hate the country that made them rich professors to begin with. I have a friend who sent her normal “conservative” child to college, and in the first semester she preached about climate change and darkness and questioned her faith in Christ, and if there really was a “God”.


So, it’s amazing how quickly these guys get brainwashed. And there is also a lot of peer pressure. They don’t want to be the weird man, so they embrace this garbage to fit in. If I had a child who was “of school age”, I can tell you, I would educate her at home and encourage her to find a trade and learn it. But that’s just me.

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A lot of parents are sending their kids to college, and I understand that, but when you see what’s going on on campus and the little Communist zombies being baked, it’s scary.

And nowhere can you see it more prevalent than here in this shocking video from Prager U, where they decided to do a social experiment that involved trying to get Berkely’s students to donate money to “help” America’s enemies – the Taliban – to use their weapons and fight better.


And you won’t believe the results.

Here are the comments from people online:

“It is sad how brainwashed our college kids have been, to the point where they will support our enemy to destroy our country. I can’t believe our own schools are teaching kids to hate our country. “

“Don’t go to college. Go to vocational school. At least they will teach you something 🤣🤣🤣 “

“Dear God, are these Americans?”

“The zombie soldiers in the undead army.”

“What kind of students are these. Are they serious about supporting fundraising for the Taliban to train their fighters to defeat the American interest !? This is really happening in the United States! Our critical thinkers are being trained in the school in idiots! “

“Because it’s always the University of California at Berkeley that falls in love with these 🤣🤣”


I agree, as I said earlier, we have to send our children to vocational schools. Teach them how to craft and repair items. Let them make their way around the world, start a business, set their own schedules, and don’t become communist zombies in a jail cubicle pushing the woken up corporate agenda.


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