Viral TikTok “Painting Pictures” Rapper Superstar Pride May Soon Lose His Stardom After A First-Degree Murder Charge – News Block

A man is dead and a rapper’s career is on the rise superstar pride hangs by a thread as he faces murder charges.

Superstar, whose real name is Cadarrius Pride, has been charged with the first degree in the death of Marcus Wheatley, 40 years old. The life-changing chain of events unfolded in Mississippi in Wednesday afternoon around 12:30 p.m. That’s when Panola County Sheriff’s Office responded to a house in Highway 35 North. There, they found Wheatley deceased from multiple gunshot wounds. TMZ reports.

The artist turned himself in shortly thereafter, though his motive remains under wraps. However, WREG reports that Wheatley’s grandmother mary ann strong he was inside the house during the shooting. She told police the victim was Pride’s hairdresser and, for reasons yet to be confirmed, she broke into the residence and chased after Wheatley on foot, shooting at him all the while. Outside, Strong says that Pride continued to shoot his granddaughter while he was on the ground. The woman revealed that Pride threatened to shoot her as well before fleeing the scene. She believes that the two may have had a falling out after Wheatley refused to continue cutting his hair. Strong escaped the chaos unscathed.

The timing of the murder shocks fans around the world as Pride was just beginning to make big strides in the music industry. His viral hit, “paint pictures,” it charted on the Billboard 100 and attracted millions of views on YouTube and TikTok. Unfortunately, it seems that her tenure as a true superstar may have been cut short.

Pride is currently held without bail.

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