Visualization of poverty and immigration – News Block

(The video is from 2010)

Mass immigration is destroying Western economic and social structures in 2023.

Before COVID (2012 – 2019) and now after COVID (2022 – 2023), our Western leaders have been bringing millions of immigrants to our Western nations. Western nations that are drowning in debt and collapsing economically due to economic contraction, high inflation and energy costs. Housing is not affordable for the people of our nations. Food prices have inflated 150%, energy costs are skyrocketing, and everywhere we see poverty encroaching. Our social programs have become reduction targets as our governments attract more people and place them in our social programs that our countries feed through government budgets with money borrowed from private banks that put us further in debt. Our social programs were not made for the large influx of immigrants, especially when our countries are in economic decline. Mass poverty in our nations must be addressed first. Immigration must stop!

To stop mass immigration to Western countries, Western governments must stop subjecting those weaker countries to systemic poverty through their program of total submission to Western corporate, political, economic and military tyranny… let those countries to evolve on their own and let them rank. their own problems. There will be no need for immigration if nations of people are allowed their own freedom to exist and evolve.

In truth, the United States and its Western NATO vassals have been the destroyers of worlds, not their saviors. We, the people of Western nations, must rise up, take control of our nations, and stop the reckless and out-of-control destruction of other nations around the world by our governments, including our own countries.

Corporate greed remains the main driver of poverty around the world and in the country due to the greed of Western banking and the exponential nature of business growth requirements with their payouts to shareholders. It’s time to put an end to it.

It is also important that overpopulated countries take care of their own problems as they become more independent. Stability is what we should all seek.


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