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Vogue Williams’ time as host of Send Nudes Body SOS has come to an end as the series has been cancelled.

The makeover show offered contestants dealing with insecurities the chance to see what they would look like with cosmetic surgery using digital avatars.

It premiered last August, but it won’t be back for a second season, following an E4 announcement.

A Channel 4 spokesperson told TV Zone: “Each year Channel 4, like all broadcasters, makes decisions about which programs to rest, return or conclude to ensure we always innovate and offer viewers the best variety of programming.”

“The decision not to restart Send Nudes: Body SOS was not a financial one.”


The news comes after Channel 4 scrapped several other shows including SAS: Who Dares Wins, Four Weddings and Scared Of The Dark.

Vogue has yet to address the cancellation of Send Nudes Body SOS. However, she had previously shared her enthusiasm for the series.

Speaking at the premiere, the model explained: “It’s a really empowering show and it’s very body-positive and I think we need some of that on TV.”

“We all have problems with our bodies and this is for anyone in the UK who has reached the point where they are actually considering surgery.”

“Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s body is amazing and beautiful. Nobody is perfect and you certainly realize that ‘normal’ is not a word we should use to describe bodies – we are all very different and that should be celebrated.”

Photo: Instagram/Vogue Williams

However, fans can still look forward to his next TV series, which was filmed in Ireland.

While everything about his latest venture is pretty muted at this point, the Dubliner did share a few details about the show.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, Vogue revealed that the show was filmed here, but it was not made for an Irish TV channel. Saying: “It is based in Ireland. It’s not for Irish TV, but you’ll be able to watch it in Ireland.”

The model also shared how working on the project left her terrified. Her saying, “But I can tell you I was scared for a long time that day and tomorrow I’m flying back to Ireland to film the next episode and it’s going to take about six weeks.”


Vogue also promised that the show is unlike anything it has done before.

Explaining, “It’s a 10-episode series.”

“This is something very different, but something I’ve always wanted to do, so even though I’m absolutely terrified, I really enjoy it.”

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