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Vogue Williams has updated fans on how her sobriety challenge has gone, confessing that she has found it difficult to give up alcohol.

The model decided to go non-alcoholic for three months after a particularly busy period in her life. Sharing her journey with fans, Dubliner revealed that she initially assumed it wouldn’t be difficult, but after vacationing in Spain with her husband Spencer Matthews, their three children Theodore, Gigi and Otto along with their extended family, she felt left out of the fun when she wasn’t drinking.

Saying in My Therapist Ghosted Me: “I’m going to be very honest. I’m not a big drinker, I don’t drink that often, as you know, but I find it a bit difficult.

“I felt sad last night because my aunt Gina came over and everyone was having a glass of champagne and I felt sad like I was missing out.”


“I really wanted to get involved, but I feel like I put this expectation on myself that I wouldn’t drink for three months.”

“It happened the other night at my friend Sue’s house here, it was my favorite champagne and everyone was like, ‘Have a glass,’ and I was like, ‘I can’t have a glass because I broke it,'” she continued.

The presenter admitted that it was difficult for her to spend time with other people who pleased each other.

“I thought I would say, ‘I feel good,’ but I don’t. I’ve never seen people get drunk until I’m drunk, they’re not that fun.”

“About half past nine, I’m like, ‘Please, God, let me go home.’ But I want to be honest about it.”

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However, Vogue found some advantages in living sober, as she has appreciated mornings without feeling the side effects of the night before’s shenanigans.

Claiming that she is “a level 50 smug the next day”.

Saying, “I’m kind of wasting my time saying, ‘I’m just going to run, are you okay there? I’ll be back by the time you surface.’

“It’s a nice feeling, but it doesn’t overshadow the feeling from the night before when I want to get involved.”

Fortunately, Vogue is in good company, as Spencer has given up alcohol and owns a non-alcoholic beverage company, CleanCo.

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