Volkswagen Group of America collaborates with the Academy of Art University for the student “Future of Mobility” De


September 23, 2021 by Volkswagen
• The designers from Volkswagen Group of America’s Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC), in collaboration with Volkswagen Group Innovation, concluded the program with the Academy of Art’s School of Industrial Design • The students’ design project explored future mobility concepts for long distance travel

• Volkswagen Group of America donated a scholarship fund to the best showcases

Herndon, VA, Belmont and San Francisco, CA – Volkswagen Group of America’s (VWGoA) main West Coast innovation hub, the California Innovation and Engineering Center (IECC), recently completed its first “Long Distance Mobility and Living Space” project, an Academy of Art University aimed at partnering with companies to offer engaging and hands-on professional experiences for their students. Working with 30 students from the Academy’s School of Industrial Design, Interior Architecture Design, Graphic Design, Fashion, Advertising and Web New Media, the project explored future mobility concepts for long-distance travelers that culminated in five individual students. who received part of a scholarship fund donated by Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
Volkswagen Group of America collaborates with the Academy of Art University for the student design project

For the IECC, which serves as the Volkswagen Group of America’s dedicated hub for innovations in mobility, applied artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, the collaboration with the Academy offered a new vision of the future of transportation. The global Volkswagen Innovation group also collaborated. “We are fortunate to be able to work with the Academy of Art University and their talented students from around the world,” said Alexander Ksoll, senior staff designer at Volkswagen Group of America. ‘Mobility is multifaceted and requires a more dimensional approach to its design. This project has given us exciting prospects and has shown outstanding results in a completely virtual classroom environment. ‘

For the project, the Academy’s 30 students from different disciplines were divided into five teams to holistically design a seamless mobility experience inspired by the vast American landscape.

“This has been a huge opportunity for our students to learn from – and together – industry experts from the Volkswagen Group of America who are leading the way in technology and mobility,” said Antonio Borja, Director, School of Industrial Design , Tom Collom, capstone coordinator, School of Interior Architecture Design, and Claudia Dallendoerfer, professor of New Web Media, at Academy of Art University.

“Electrification and autonomous vehicles are undoubtedly the future and will continue to grow, which has created a perfect use case for us to come together and create an integrated vision.”
Volkswagen Group of America collaborates with the Academy of Art University for the student design project
The following teams and concepts were presented and reviewed by a special jury made up of representatives from different sectors:
• Kinship: interdisciplinary global team with a global vision of the project, developing voice, brand strategy, website and graphic layout for all design concepts. • Orbis: Designed with a purpose for business travelers, seeking to achieve a holistic work-life balance. The vehicle travel experience has been reinterpreted to help passengers decompress and eliminate post-arrival fatigue. • Outreach: A lifestyle approach to road travel for modern nomads looking for an adaptable vehicle like them. This concept has blurred the boundaries between the vehicle and the home, so passengers can roam where their heart desires.
Volkswagen Group of America collaborates with the Academy of Art University for the student design project
• Urban Cowboy: This project reflects the team’s passion for adventure and an admiration for the cowboy culture to best demonstrate sustainable long-distance travel. • X Hubs: Reversing the concept of obsolete and forgotten rest areas, this concept offered an eco-conscious and family-friendly safe stopover for road travelers to recharge and connect during their travels. In parallel with the panel, Volkswagen Group of America Inc. also nominated five individual students, each from a single major across all teams, to receive part of a scholarship fund donated by the company.

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