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Contents of the box Curiosity
Hannah Stryker / Instructional Geek

From the minds behind the popular Vsauce educational YouTube channel, The Curiosity Box brings science fun to subscribers on a quarterly or annual basis. Inside each box are carefully selected items that aim to satisfy that itch of curiosity, from brain games to science kits, puzzles and more.

The Curiosity Box is like an abbreviated science lesson taken in the comfort of your own home. Themes vary from box to box, but there is usually a theme that follows each included item. For example, a box might have a telescope, a world map, and a star projector to draw your curiosity into the stars and constellations. Everything needs to fit inside a box, so it’s not uncommon for some assembly to be required, but that’s part of the fun of The Curiosity Box.

The disassembled Kepler telescope
Hannah Stryker / Instructional Geek

The Kepler telescope included in our sample box was a two-piece device made mostly of cardboard and a trio of lenses. And while it’s easy to use once assembled, The Curiosity Box assumes you’ll have things like glue and tape on hand to complete the project. Once built, however, the 10x telescopic sight functioned as a crude substitute for a high-powered telescope. There’s some blurriness, especially if you have trouble keeping your hands steady, but it’s pretty impressive for a telescope held together with glue.

The box of curiosities | From $60.00 per quarter | the box of curiosities

There is tremendous educational value to something like The Curiosity Box, as it requires its recipients to think about and engage in one of the common sciences. Even more important to the learning process than the interactive devices, puzzles, and books is the reading material that comes with each box. The Curiosity Box brochure provides an overview of each included item and then delves into its application, history, and more. Vsauce’s penchant for doling out information with seductive energy is always evident in the short articles.

While The Curiosity Box is a great way to keep kids entertained at home, especially for those subscribed to Vsauce’s YouTube channel, teachers would be remiss if they didn’t consider it part of the yearly curriculum. Students can enjoy many of the interactive science-based activities or use it as a learning tool to reinforce a lesson. Any puzzle would be a great way to bring the classroom together and collectively brainstorm a solution.

The Curiosity Box has the potential to be one of the most attractive subscription boxes on the market. Unfortunately, there are only four boxes each year, and it doesn’t seem like the items inside are really going to attract more for the full three months between each box. Then again, it largely depends on what’s inside the box. Building your own battery-powered vehicle has more longevity than, say, a nanosecond ruler of light.

Subscriptions to The Curiosity Box are available in quarterly and yearly options. By subscribing to all four boxes in advance, you’ll save $20 and know you’re guaranteed a year of knowledge gained through a fun, interactive medium.

the box of curiosities

Satisfy your curiosity with a quarterly box full of interactive brain teasers, brain games, building kits, books and much more.

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