Watch Adam Schiff KEEP Pretending To Push FALSE Steele’s dossier was GOOD – The Right Scoop


There is nothing Adam Schiffty can do to surprise us here at Right Scoop. I mean literally nothing. If I woke up tomorrow and found that Adam Schiff grew overnight to be a 30m tall Octopus-Man with 8 tentacles and was busy attacking people at the Fort Worth Stockyards with a giant Trump wig, I’d probably make coffee and me. I would go “yes, I see it”.

So there’s no way his cheeky, clownish attempt to cling to Steele’s completely repudiated dossier is a surprise. But it’s instructive for the media that they keep taking it in the face and licking their lips and moving on.

Watch as Chuck Todd brings the matter up and Schiffty doesn’t even squirm as he defends the indefensible.

Now what do you think Chuck said next? Did he call the ship ANY way? Ha ha ha No. They beat up Trump and agreed that the credibility of the report is “undermined”.

What a joke.


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