WATCH: Disturbing video of a NFL top player threatening to “kill” someone online


What’s happening with the NFL? They have become an absolute shame. Not only have they earned a reputation for being called anti-American brats, but the domestic abuse, violence, excessive alcohol and reckless lifestyles that are plaguing the league have truly tarnished the sport. And what the hell is going on in Vegas? We just found out that a drunk gamer named Henry Ruggs was going over 100 MPH when he hit a girl’s car which caught fire, burning her and her dog alive. The Raiders have let him go, and he faces a series of charges for that incident.


But wait, now we have a new nightmare unfolding. with a different player.

Damn Arnette, chosen in the first round of the Las Vegas Raiders, is now on video brandishing a weapon and threatening to kill someone.

The daily caller reported that Las Vegas Raiders defender Damon Arnette appeared to be threatening someone in a disturbing video that was making the rounds.

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In a video tweeted from @ RobertRaymond46, the former first round pick showed multiple guns and appeared to be threatening someone for a DM trade.

At one point, he bluntly said “I’ll kill you n ** a” while waving a weapon. According to NBC Sports, the video first appeared on Friday night.

What the hell is going on in Vegas? Seriously, what the hell is going on with the Raiders? Henry Ruggs allegedly killed a woman while driving while intoxicated and now Arnette appears to have threatened someone while showing his guns.

This is crazy.


The wheels are coming up with more than one person involved in violence and neglect with this franchise.

Here are some answers from people online:

“There was a time when football players were college educated.”

β€œI’m pretty sure a Raider got drunk and killed a woman last week. You might want to put this aside. “

“This raider season 2021 is a brother movie ..”

“What the hell is going on … oh wait, it’s Vegas”

β€œAll I understand is to kill you because he mumbled the rest. In any case it should be suspended “

“Just a matter of time before I sleep with Ruggs.”

As of Sunday morning, the Raiders haven’t tweeted or released any statements about Arnette’s disturbing video.

But you can bet they will say a lot of bad things about their “unvaccinated” players, right?

Hypocrisy makes your stomach turn.


These violent players have killed and injured far more people than any unvaccinated player.


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