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Watch This Wild Walking Table Take Its First Steps

Giliam de Carpentier is a proud father. His baby has taken his first steps.

That baby is a sleek 12-leg table from Carpentier built to move on its own. “It turns out that my table can WALK as well as I expected,” said the Dutch manufacturer. he excitedly tweeted last week along with a video. Capital letters are totally appropriate here, as they emphasize the extremely rare skill of the piece of furniture.

The table has two motors. by Carpentier modified them using tiny Arduino computer controllers to alter its electricity supply, ensuring that the table legs move smoothly and at the desired rate.

He based his laminated bamboo legs on those that propelled the beach beast, a kinetic biomechanical sculpture designed by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. de Carpentier made his table legs stronger and more stable by adding an extra joint.

“Is there a huge demand for tables going after workers? I know companies are trying to crack down on WFH, but this is getting out of hand,” joked one Reddit user in response to de Carpentier’s Reddit post. on the table.

So why did de Carpentier, an engineer at a game company, build a walking table? Because he is a creator, and he could do it. de Carpentier did not share the cost of the table, only that he took “more hours than dollars.”

“Really awesome,” another Redditor wrote. “However, I may have nightmares tonight thinking of this table chasing me at high speeds.”

The ambulatory table is not the first to traverse our planet. Wouter Scheublin, another Dutch designer, built one in 2006 that walks when pushed. It has eight legs and tries to mimic a natural walking motion so it can fit in better when walking through crowds of humans.

Another more recent stroller table. called Crawla it can be operated via the app and walked around for a full three hours before shutting down and saying, “I’m done. I’m back to being a normal table.”


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