Watch: Video clips reveal some disturbing patterns in Kamala’s speeches


The left is a propaganda machine. You see it everywhere. Especially in the media, where their political lackeys give the so-called “news”, as if they were North Korean “ministers of truth” or something like that. Many people believe that organs like CNN are CIA propaganda tools, and I think that carries a lot of weight. Think how many former intelligence men and women are working at CNN, pushing the “Deep State” narrative. It is astounding, actually. And it’s amazing how CNN always keeps up with the regime’s message.


But, as you may know, CNN will move under new leadership very soon, so we may see some of these changes. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, the left has other ways of spreading its propaganda message … with its politicians being on “repeat” when it comes to certain “slogans” and relaying that message to their activist base.

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And in the videos below you will see how Kamala pushes the “border crisis” to its base with a very precise pattern and makes it seem that the more who comes, the better.

Plus, in a truly creepy move, he actually humanizes coyotes and child trafficking in a very sinister, yet clever way.

You can watch the video below:


The left believes that Fox News is also propaganda. And, of course, they are right to some extent. But what Fox News is pushing is not a far-left Communist ideology.

They are pushing for a more centrist ideology. Even Tucker Carlson, who the lunatics on the left say is a “fringe radical” is not.

Tucker is so popular because common sense people like him. There is nothing “racist” about wanting borders, this is actually a very marginal / crazy thing to think about.


So, a lot of people have widely gotten Tucker’s message about border walls and control, because it makes sense.

Convincing people that parents “choose” to send their children here with the coyotes because they are wonderful moms and dads is outlandish propaganda, which has endangered human lives and certainly had many people killed.


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