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On Wednesday, Elon “Space Karen” Musk posted a message on Twitter (where else?) that he was “ready for a cage fight” with Mark “The Zuck” Zuckerberg.

send me locationZack replied. Which is ironic; Goal already has everyone’s live location.

We are told that they have since agreed that a fight will take place in Las Vegas.

Elon Musk fighting Mark Zuckerberg

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. The odds of this cage match actually happening are slim to none. We are talking about CEOs of public companies, who have a board of directors and thousands of employees around the world. These people don’t fight.

Musk also has a history of making wild promises and breaking them, while Zuckerberg is probably reflecting on the old adage: “Never fight with a pig because both will get dirty and the pig will like it.”. Think how hated you have to be to have a physical fight with Mark Zuckerberg… and everyone supports Mark Zuckerberg.

Yes one “struggle“whether it happens or not is in any case irrelevant, we are all losing in this circus. And that’s not (only) because these two fools spend their days planning fights while saying that we are unproductive when we work from home.

Every second they spend on this is a second they don’t spend fixing their shitty products.. And that is murder people.

Facebook still allows/doesn’t moderate the kind of pages that, in the past, led to violence and death in real life in the US Not only is there no moderation… Facebook is still promotes extremist content. The company must also expiate the rampant hate and misinformation let ooze in myanmarwhich gave rise to a fucking genocide.

The damage for which the company is responsible is just as devastating on an individual level. Of addictive designs that lead to suicidestill mental health epidemic the likes that the world has never seen, affecting mainly girls and women. And all of that is before we even get to the “Instagram connects a vast network of pedophiles” and “Indian lynchings on WhatsApp” stories.

Musk and Tesla are not sitting well either. Tesla’s autopilot is such a joke it needs a whole Wikipedia page to list them all. Musk has killed at least 33 people in recent years (and as of March 2023), and will kill again (What is phantom breaking, anyway?).

It is also dealing with rampant abuse within its companies, of complaints of sexual harassment to racial discrimination. And all of that comes without looking at the continued spread of Twitter from the right/ anti-vaccine misinformationI have to emphasize again… is killing people.

These two men have a combined net worth of $345 billion(!), over 150 million followers(!), and over 13 children(!). While a boxing sports match might sound like fun on paper…they actually have better things to do (raising kids who don’t start harmful tech companies would be a good start).

In 1992, two airline CEOs wrestled arms to settle a lawsuit. If you’re so eager to show how manly you are and don’t have “strong divorced-dad energy,” may I recommend this instead?

Perhaps the proceeds can go to the families of the millions of lives they have harmed with their horrible enterprises.

Good luck out there.

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