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The above covers many sins. Sins that are claimed as virtues.

How does this apparent contradiction make sense?

It makes sense when you believe that only you and your people are pure of intention, conveying a purpose that has an equally and unquestionably pure goal.

Tens of thousands of Americans working for the CIA (and many others within both government and private entities) seem to have no doubt that the above two are unquestionably true.

They clearly believe that the end justifies the means in almost all cases where an obstacle to their goal is encountered.

The aforementioned “pure” lens has the same characteristics as the average Hollywood movies of all ages since the motion picture industry began.

It is to put an end to all the “bad guys”, remove them from power wherever they are found and thus install the “purest” political system ever devised, that of democracy.

This is literally, a la James Bond, a license to kill. In fact, it is a license to do almost anything. As long as you are convinced that your intention is pure along with the goal you seek, you can justify acts that others may find reprehensible. Murder, torture, propaganda, disinformation, subversion, demonization, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and essentially anything else across the spectrum of deception, violence, and whatever evil you can imagine. Those who perpetrate such acts will undoubtedly sleep soundly afterward, however, as they are content that their intention is pure, as is the goal they seek.

What you’ve seen and heard for the last three decades, at least, that gave you the distinct sense that something was wrong in our world came from the notion that the “good guys” should never have their hands tied, but should have the freedom to respond with whatever. the weapon they consider will work against their chosen enemy. And no moral, ethical, social, military or political code of correct conduct should interfere in any way or form, since such interference can occur in the evil that is being attacked to eradicate it and the consequences of that happening are much worse.

This is the double circular thinking involved in this elite level of Western thinking, supported and strengthened by an environment where reinforcement of groupthink is ubiquitous.

It is for these reasons that the US can have propaganda outlets like The Voice of America spread all over the planet with a sworn mission to influence populations, while at home anyone suspected of doing the same is roundly condemned. Because we are the good guys.

We have the right things. Our intentions are pure, we come as Superman to save you from the evil big boss. We are the cavalry that ride over the hill to save you from the savages. We are the knight who rescues the beautiful maiden from the evil dragon by spitting fire. We reflect all heroes throughout American literary, television, and film history.

No matter what we do, what chaos we cause, what civilians we kill, what prisoners we torture, what leaders we slander, what nations we invade and destroy … we are still the good guys with the best intentions for humanity that I possibly have.

What? Do you want us to stop? Are you crazy? We are the only ones who saved them from slavery!

That is why we cannot allow you to hear anything. We have the “good things”, the “right things”. By listening to us, you hear the truth. Everything else is misinformation. So let’s stop those idiots with some other vision infecting your mind. Why would you want to read or listen to the words of evil men and women anyway?

Unless you are one of them.

Do you see how this works?

We are the good guys. You better believe it!

You don’t want to get our attention, do you?

Why support the enemy?

If you do, you may be surprised at what we can do for you.

Working against us is working for the enemy. That makes you a traitor and a fair prey for whatever we want to do to you.

Live free. Just don’t get in our way, keep your head down, believe what we say, and never seek your information anywhere other than us.

Then you’ll be fine, right?

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