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The countries agreed on a watered-down climate deal at the end of COP26 this weekend. India and China managed to force a last-minute change to the wording of the agreement, committing signatories to “gradually reduce” rather than “phase out” the use of coal. The amendment left Alok Sharma in tears. Boris Johnson hailed the final text as a “revolutionary agreement” that “rung the death knell for coal power.” He stated that there is not much difference between the original text and the modified version since “the direction of travel is practically the same”. The Prime Minister added, however, that his reaction was “tinged with disappointment” despite the progress made.

Ed Miliband told viewers of the Sunday political shows that keeping the global warming target of 1.5 ° C alive is “in intensive care.” He praised Sharma, who said she was undermined by the actions of her government. In particular, the Secretary for Shadow Enterprises, Energy and Industrial Strategy condemned the decision to cut foreign aid ahead of the summit, stressing: “Then we were saying to other countries’ please step up climate finance. ‘when we were taking a step backwards on aid to the poorest countries ».

The Sleaze Scandal gets its latest installation today. A little less than two weeks after the government Conservative MPs whipped support an amendment rejecting a 30-day suspension of fellow Conservative Owen Paterson (who has since resigned, in case you missed it), Municipalities will now vote to revoke the same amendment. Johnson finally showed a hint of contrition when he was challenged on the row of rolling slums, which grew to include many conservatives and expanded into a more general discussion of MPs’ second job yesterday: “I think things would definitely have could have been managed better, let me put it this way, for my part. ” The Prime Minister has no doubt noticed the drop in his party’s opinion poll score since the Paterson scandal broke out. Savana Comres, opinion Other YouGov they show, respectively, a six-point lead for Labor, a one-point lead, and the opposition party now tied to the Conservatives.

Labor will be tabling two motions later this week: one calling for the termination of paid administrator posts and commercial consultancy, and another calling for the publication of documents relating to Paterson’s lobbying. “We need to put an end to the Tory scandal that engulfed Johnson’s government,” Keir Starmer said this morning. “Johnson now has a choice: support Labor’s plan to solve this problem or whip his MPs to vote against a ban on shady second jobs for MPs and a cover-up on the Paterson scandal.” So the party chosen his candidate for the by-election triggered by Paterson’s resignation.

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