ENTERTAINMENT Wendy Williams confirms upcoming podcast, Trump family member and...

Wendy Williams confirms upcoming podcast, Trump family member and Kardashians as rumored guests


Just a few days after reportedly never leaving the house, Wendy Williams was seen on the street by TMZ. Wendy Williams gushed about her upcoming podcast, on which she plans to have some very important guests.

According to Wendy’s manager Will Selby, the former talk show host has no interest in returning to television. Welby is going to executive produce Wendy’s next podcast.

Williams is said to already have conversations with the Kardashians and a member of the Trump family ready to share with fans and has asked Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe to join her in the future.

Wendy and her team are currently trying to decide whether to remain independent or partner with a platform like Spotify or Apple.

Earlier in the month, a source spoke to Sun stating that Williams does not leave her house and “can’t remember anything”. The source also added that Wendy “hasn’t been to any meetings to try to get back on the air” and that it would be a long way to get her back on the air in the future.

“She can’t remember anything, she needs a teleprompter and she needs someone to remind her of things,” the source said. “She’s sitting in her house, she doesn’t go to meetings, she doesn’t go out, there’s no plan.”

The Wendy Williams show’s decade-long run came to an end on June 17. Before the show, Variety noted that Wendy Williams would not attend the final episode. Instead, a video montage was played celebrating Williams on the schedule.

Wendy Williams has not been on her show for the entire 2021-22 season due to health issues. Throughout the season, several guests filled in for Wendy, including sherry shepherdwho presents the last week and will have his own show next fall.

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