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The music video for Wes Denzel’s hit single “Some Know” has been released, showcasing the rising star’s dynamic charisma and deft rhyming. The DIY visual style delivers an empowering message of self-discovery and confidence, leaving fans enthralled and eager for more.

More than just a song, “Some Know” is a vibrant ode to Houston, where Wes Denzel found the courage to break free of his cocoon and embrace his true self. His witty wordplay and magnetic flow complement the energetic beat, creating a sonic journey that resonates personally with listeners.

The folk-style music video captures Wes Denzel’s transformation from reserved caterpillar to confident butterfly, ready to take flight in the world of music. As the image progresses, his new self-confidence becomes more apparent, culminating in a show of determination.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Some Know”, Wes Denzel shared: “This song is about coming out of my shell and accepting who I really am. It is a testament to the level of trust that only a few can truly understand. Throughout the song, I pay homage to various places and experiences, creating a unique connection with those in the know. If you know, you know!”

Wes Denzel’s authenticity and raw talent have struck a chord with fans and critics alike, positioning him as one of the most promising voices in contemporary rap. With “Some Know,” he cements his place in the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape, garnering attention for his undeniable chops and his ability to connect with listeners on a personal level.

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