What Can Businesses Learn from the Online Bingo Industry?


The rise of bingo in an online setting has been one of the biggest success stories of the internet era. At one point, the classic game looked as if it was going to end up dead and buried. But then, it came back with a bang in a digital format and is now more popular than ever. The incredible success of online bingo is something that business owners from other industries look at enviously. However, online bingo operators could have created a model for others to follow.

Online Bingo is a Massive Industry

In just over seven years, the online bingo market grew from around $300 million to more than $1 billion, and it’s continuing to expand exponentially. The reason for this amazing growth is down to the ways that online bingo operators attract players. Rather than simply offering bingo online, sites have a wide variety of games for players to choose from. This makes it more likely that people are going to find something that they are interested in.

For instance, at online bingo sites, players can find a variety of themed bingo rooms alongside slot games like Fishin’ Frenzy and Slots O’ Gold. The introduction of themed games means that most people can find an offering that appeals to them. Slots also help to draw in the booming online casino crowd. Once they’ve got a taste of the site, they could then be tempted to explore the bingo rooms on offer.

Bingo Was Revived from the Ashes

Innovators who are in search of the next major internet industry can find some encouragement in the fact that bingo was revived from the ashes when it moved online. The game was in a dire state in the mid-2000s, mainly thanks to the fact that a vast number of bingo halls had closed after being hit hard by a widespread ban on smoking in the west.

The digitalization of bingo came at just the right time and gave lovers of the ball lottery a new way of playing. It was also a chance for the pastime to rebrand and generate a fresh image for the 21st Century. Indeed, it is now considered a trendy hobby, and it appeals to a broad range of people.

What Could Be the Next Big Thing?

The question for business minded people that want to hit the big time is what could be the next sensation to follow in bingo’s footsteps? One option could be dominoes. While the game can already be played digitally, it has thus far failed to spark a craze. However, the tile-based offering shares many similarities with poker, which was another internet revelation. It is skill-based too, meaning that people can master it. Dominoes featured as a side game in Red Dead Redemption 2, highlighting how mainstream audiences may be interested in playing it.

The online bingo industry was a surprise hit, but it has formed a solid model that other traditionally offline pastimes could follow. Businesspeople who are looking to get behind another digital boom should look to other hobbies that could enjoy the same success as bingo.


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