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In the world of sports journalism, there are some tougher tasks than others, but any work on Rahul Dravid is always warmly welcomed by cricket writers as it gives them an excuse to turn on YouTube and purr on his biggest hits.

In fact, the man they dubbed the wall he was one of the best hitters the world has ever seen and were it not for the fact that he played simultaneously with Sachin Tendulkar, today we might even consider Dravid the greatest of all time. Bold, classy, ​​sophisticated – there aren’t enough superlatives to describe Dravid, who has scored more than 24,000 international points over the course of a 16-year career.

Rahul Dravid

However, it is Dravid’s second act now as India’s head coach that is making headlines and grabbing attention. The 48-year-old arrives on the scene at a difficult time, as India recently underperformed at the T20 World Cup. In many ways, you could say the only way is for Dravid. Only, it’s not that simple as there are few positions under more pressure in world sport than coaching India’s men’s cricket team. The former hitter should start immediately by beating New Zealand at home in the next series. Indeed, there is no time to learn on the job when placed in the Indian hot spot and Dravid’s job will be to start successfully preparing for the 2023 World Cup at home by building a winning culture. Ultimately, this is a World Cup that the BCCI expects India to win.

Significantly, India was rated at only 9/4 odds of winning the tournament, so it goes without saying that they are the favorites. It may have been nearly two years, but with the markets already open and a plethora of online betting sites available, you can already find cricket fanatics flocking to find the best. betting bonus and place their bets for the flagship of 2023.

At first glance, it may seem like a golden opportunity not only for bettors, but also for Dravid to enjoy success in a World Cup. The 48-year-old, after all, missed his chance to win a 2011 World Cup in India despite being still available for selection. With that in mind, you imagine it would be an appropriate way to claim cricket’s biggest prize after suffering the heartbreak of seeing his teammates win it without him. While that may all be true, Dravid will have his work cut out and will not be able to put the national team on autopilot for the duration of his term.

In particular, Dravid will need to solidify India’s top order, which proved worryingly fragile against top teams at the T20 World Cup. Admittedly, this may prove to be the simplest task in Dravid’s reign, given how well documented his mace-in-hand skill was. Technically flawless and just as aggressive when the situation calls for it, Dravid can draw on his vast experience to make sure India is once again a formidable batting unit.

Another significant factor that goes in Dravid’s favor when he takes over is that he served as chief director at India’s National Cricket Academy, which helped him understand how important it is to integrate fresh blood into the senior team. This is sure to come to the fore in the next 24 months as the Old Indian Guard reaches the end of his career. In fact, there is currently no better person to oversee the transition that awaits Indian cricket at the senior level.

Yes, India will benefit from Dravid’s ability to improve the team’s batting and reap the rewards of his determination to give emerging players their chance on the bigger stage, but their biggest challenge will be managing the men.

In short, the Indian cricket team is filled with the biggest stars in the game, and running a locker room of multimillionaires is undeniably the hardest aspect of India training. Maybe you can grab a leaf from the 2011 World Cup winner Indian coach’s book. Indeed, Gary Kirsten he proved extremely skilled in managing men when you consider that he did not try to train his players excessively, indeed, the South African only intervened when he was asked to provide his advice.

It’s a nice balancing act, but coaches who aim to be successful have to leave their ego as a door when they take control of India.

The reassuring news is that Dravid has always been a meek man who performs superbly in any environment. So in addition to having an astute cricket brain and a broad understanding of the Academy system, he also has the emotional intelligence to make his time as India’s head coach a success.

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