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From the first days to the end of the season! love island uk became a pop culture phenomenon when the reality series premiered in 2015, bringing together attractive young singles and singles eager to make a splash on the reality TV dating scene.

The show follows a group of single people who move into a luxury villa in hopes of finding love and having the summer of their lives. Throughout the series, new singles join the mix, adding a new layer of drama and temptation for the islanders who are already paired with people with whom they have a passionate connection. (Getting “mugged” is never fun, right?)

Meanwhile, some contestants are sent packing after being voted out by their fellow islanders or the public, so there’s never a guarantee of reaching the finale.

Despite the odds, there are couples who stay together throughout the process and grow even stronger after the ultimate relationship test: Casa Amor, which breaks up the couples and brings in a batch of new eligible men and women. While some stick with the person they’ve been with, others can choose different people in the final moments and cause quite a stir in the village.

Season 7 contestants millie cut and liam reardon not only did they keep the cash prize and the winning title, but they also left head over heels in love. As Millie and Liam moved in together after their time at the villa, the couple sadly announced their split in July 2022.

Paige Turley and finley tapCrowned winners in Season 6, they are one of the couples who prove that love can last outside the village. Finley even went one step further by tattooing Paige’s name on himself. “So, I’m back finally finishing up my arm and Paigey early birthday present there you have it girl!” she captioned a photo showing her fresh ink inspired by her love for her in August 2021.

Paige also revealed how they managed to strengthen their bond even during difficult times. “Covid helped us as a couple,” she shared after the show. “There are quite a few couples on our show who have stayed together where in previous years they’ve been madly busy and haven’t had time to get to know each other. During the three weeks we were away from the village before the lockdown happened, I was in Scotland and Finn was in the south and we were like ships passing in the night.”

Scroll through the gallery below and see which ones love island uk couples separated and still going strong.

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