What Is A Cannabis Vape Pen In The Uk And Why Is It Different From Another Device?


    Vaping is not only a great way to consume cannabis in delicious flavours, but is also the most effective if you want to gain maximum benefits. That’s because vaping is the quickest way for active cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) to get into your bloodstream via the large surface area of your lungs without having to go through the entire digestive process like edibles and beverages do.

    As a result, vaping can deliver the effects you want almost instantly, especially in times of urgency like sudden anxiety attacks and epileptic seizures. 

    Limited use of medicinal cannabis, also known as CBD, can also help you manage many common ailments of our time such as sleeplessness, and chronic pain. Plus it’s safer than smoking! 

    And with a right gadget such as a cannabis vape pen, you can make your vaping experience even more discreet as it allows you to vape whenever and wherever while on the go.

    So What Is A Cannabis Vape Pen?

    A cannabis vape pen is a pen-like vaping device or vaporiser that you can use to inhale cannabis vape oils. 

    Just like the ones you’d use to vape ordinary nicotine and flavoured e-liquids, a cannabis vape pen is similar in a sense, but with more power. That’s because cannabis vape oils are rather thicker and stickier than ordinary e-liquids, and thus require a special vaping device that’s powerful enough to  heat-up and activate its CBD content. 

    While CBD e-liquids, which are rather low on CBD content, and can be vaped using any traditional vaping device, CBD vape oils would need an advanced vaping device such as a cannabis vape pen, also known as CBD vape pen here in the UK. 

    One more thing to keep in mind is that not all CBD oils are made for vaping. Commonly available CBD tincture for sale, including CBD oil for anxiety, and other oral CBD drops and sprays are made for direct oral use and not vaping.

    So you can either choose CBD vape oils or CBD e-liquids. 

    In any case, like I said, you’d require a good vaping device. 

    There are many types of oil vape pens for sale to choose from depending on your budget. Some are one-time use only, while others are reusable. Few brands may also come with stunning features that are unique to them. 

    For instance, Paso- a premier CBD brand that deals in a variety of high-quality CBD products. Among them is Paso CBD Vape Pen that offers some really cool and useful features in affordable price.

    Let’s see:

    • Multiple voltage settings to vape both CBD vape oils and e-liquids— check! 
    • Pre-heat functionality for automatic activation- check!
    • Standard size cartridge replacement- check!

    As you can see, the Paso CBD vape pen does offer more value for money at any time. It’s cheap, stylish, and full of practical functions. 

    Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments section.


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