What is a vaccine ambassador?


The Department of Public Health (DPH) aims to provide clear and consistent information about the COVID-19 vaccine, build trust and security, dispel misinformation, and encourage vaccine adoption. Our efforts and those of countless others across the Commonwealth are working, with over 4.6 million residents now vaccinated against COVID-19.

Helping in our efforts is the DPH Vaccine Ambassador Program, which is made up of public health professionals who attend community meetings on demand to share information and answer questions about vaccine safety and development. Our ambassadors share common questions and concerns with DPH to inform vaccine communication efforts. As of September 2021, 25 ambassadors are part of this program and speak 12 languages.

In March, DPH vaccine ambassador Rebekah Thomas presented at a Facebook Live event with the Brazilian women's group.

In March, DPH vaccine ambassador Rebekah Thomas presented at a Facebook Live event with the Brazilian women’s group.

Since February 2021, the ambassadors have presented themselves at 67 events with over 3,300 attendees. They have collaborated with community and faith organizations, public school systems, city government, and have appeared on public access radio and television programs. Ambassadors present information from a variety of publicly available slides that vendors, community groups, and others can use to host local COVID-19 vaccine meetings or forums.

If you are interested in inviting a DPH vaccine ambassador to your community meeting, please complete this form. DPH will make every effort to accommodate requests and provide a public health professional to help dispel myths and encourage vaccination.

We thank our Vaccine Ambassadors for all they do! Find out more about the program at COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Initiative: DPH Vaccine Ambassador program.

Written by:

Alison Cohen
Director of Communications at the Department of Public Health

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