What is .NET and what does a .NET developer do?


The field of information technology is developing faster and faster.  Every day something new and unique appears.  It is important here to keep up with all the trends that are happening.  It is also important not to forget to find yourself a Fireart Studio – custom software development that will always be ready to help with any question or project.

Many developers have started to actively use .NET.  That is why today we will talk in more detail about this topic.

NET developer – a programmer using technologies of the .NET platform from Microsoft.  The main tool in his work is the reliable and multifunctional programming language C #, which has been holding leading positions in various TOPs for many years.

Developers in this area can develop a wide variety of products.  Since the labor market is actively developing, programmers with a good knowledge of C # and .NET technologies are very popular and highly paid.

More details about the .NET

.NET itself is a huge set of tools that are linked together to enable a developer to work hard using the C # programming language.  The .NET platform was created by Microsoft, and since the inception of this platform, the company has tried to actively develop this brainchild.  As stated on the official website of the company, during the development of this platform, several important goals were achieved:

– It also provides a code execution environment that minimizes conflicts during software deployment and during version control.

– A code runtime has also been provided that fixes performance issues with scripts or interpreted code.

– It also provides consistent guidelines for developers of various types of applications such as Windows applications and web applications.

– An industry interoperability standard was created to integrate .NET Framework code with other code.

The combination of all these properties will make it possible to use .NET in almost any industry, and programmers who have studied all the main capabilities and features of the platform, as a result, will become in-demand professionals in the labor market, for whom the demand for services is constantly expanding.

How to become a .NET developer

Experts say that the choice of a platform directly depends on what kind of software products you want to create.  So, initially you need to understand the theory of algorithms and information.  Then to the choice of the platform and only then to the study of the language supported by this platform.  If after all these steps you still end up with this structure, you should subscribe to MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) and TechNet, where they share all information about new products and discuss them.  And then everything depends on you.  Companies are open and ready to hire new specialists.  There are internship vacancies for this where you can gain hands-on experience in this niche.

What should a good .NET developer know?

First of all, the answer to this question is determined by the direction in which it is planned to work in development.  But of course there are general requirements:

Firstly, you need to know the C # programming language, because this language, despite the use of other languages   within the .NET framework, is still the mainstream;

Second, you need to have some basic programming knowledge (imagine what calculus, basic data structures, and basic algorithms are);

The third important point is knowledge of databases, because absolutely any application or site involves storing information, as well as working with it;

Another important point that is mandatory for all .NET developers is OOP and OOD (we are talking about object-oriented programming paradigms, design patterns).

Also, one cannot fail to note certain requirements regarding knowledge of the English language at a level sufficient for reading documents and commenting on the code.

Please note that it will be very important for a beginner-level IT specialist to write a resume correctly and as competently as possible, write cover letters for it and prepare for an interview.

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