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When it comes to cooling off and satisfying your caffeine cravings, nothing hits the spot like a refreshing glass of iced coffee. If you want your iced coffee to taste the best, you can follow the irresistible New Orleans-style iced coffee technique.

The trick is to make a blend of dark roast coffee with radicchio.

Chicory is a wild plant that produces attractive blue flowers. The root of the plant can be harvested, dried, roasted, and ground. Chicory is often used as a coffee substitute, but in New Orleans it is combined with coffee to create a delicious and complex flavor. You have to try.

To create the perfect glass of New Orleans-style iced coffee, you need a delicious dark roast, some brewed radicchio, and the means to follow a cold-brew method (like a cold-brew machine).

Start by steeping the coffee for an extended period in cold water. We are talking about at least 12 hours. When you brew cold beer instead of hot beer, you can develop a more intense flavor. Use a higher ratio of coffee and radicchio to water than you normally would when making hot coffee.

Once the coffee and radicchio have had time to steep, you are ready to enjoy. Serve over ice, with milk, with cream, or however you normally prefer your iced coffee. Consider trying it with a splash of condensed milk if you want a hint of sweetness and cream.

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