What the Pros Wear: Mizuno Commemorates Scott Rolen With a Very Limited MZP-527 – News Block

Mizuno has wowed us once again with its limited edition release for the month of July. Mizuno went to great lengths to honor Hall of Famer third baseman Scott Rolen. Rolen was a Mizuno guy for the vast majority of his 17-year MLB career. That Mizuno leather helped add 8 Gold Glove awards to his mantle during his time on The Show.

Mizuno knew they had to do something special when creating the Pro Limited MZP-527 to commemorate Rolen’s career in the HOF. This 11.75″ natural cork colored beauty reincarnated for this “Legend Drop” is the epitome of a classic ball glove.

The biggest draw of the MZP-527 is undoubtedly the retro look. Since 2005, Mizuno gloves have featured their iconic racing bird logo. For the first time in nearly two decades, the “Big M” once again graces a baseball glove. Appearing on both the wrist and I-web, the Big M logo is iconic and is sure to take us back to a simpler time.

While the look is iconic, the MZP-527 is far from just a beauty queen. Made in Mizuno’s legendary Haga factory, the craftsmanship is unparalleled. That elite level attention to detail is matched with Deguchi steerhide leather, one of the finest steerhide available in the world.

The MZP-527 represents the “restomod” of ball gloves. In the automotive world, a restomod is a classic car that has been restored but with modern technology. Think of a ’69 Mustang with an all-new engine and modern infotainment system. The MZP-527 brings that same concept to the diamond. This timeless look from the early 2000s is combined with all the best modern materials, technology and techniques that Mizuno has continued to master over the years.

The attention to detail extends well beyond the build quality. Each glove features this limited palm stamp: the day Scott Rolen will be enshrined in Cooperstown. The throwback nods continue past the Big M logo and extend to the “Made in Japan” pinky stamp as well as the “Limited Edition” stamp on the thumb. Both are from the correct period for the time when Rolen himself would have used this glove. Even the model number represents Rolen’s career. The 527 breaks down into the third base position, 5, combined with the number most associated with Rolen, 27.

The Pro Limited MZP-527 will launch at Mizuno USA on Sunday, July 23 to coincide with Rolen’s unveiling ceremony. The MZP-527 won’t be cheap at $600, but it represents one of the best retro glove releases we’ve seen and something truly special from Mizuno. Even with the high price, the US will only get 27 units (17 in Canada), so they won’t last long.

This classic beauty contrasts nicely with the absolutely wild piece of KM Flow launchers that Mizuno released last month. Stay tuned as Mizuno’s limited releases will keep coming.

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