What the Pros Wear: Mizuno Drops EXTREMELY Limited KM Flow Glove – News Block

Mizuno stands for unmatched quality. Their factory in Haga, Japan is part of the glove tradition. The folks at Mizuno once again reached into their Haga bag of tricks and pulled out a limited edition release like no other we’ve seen.

Get into the flow of Kenta Maeda. This piece of 12″ pitchers is one of the most unique we’ve seen in a long time, and certainly one of the most unique we’ve seen from Mizuno here in the US.

The most notable feature is the “flowy” welt pattern on the back. While this is said to help with shape and fit, it also looks great.

To add to that “cool factor,” Mizuno made the back out of high-quality red and black suede. This suede upper is paired with a tried-and-true Prexy Kip leather palm and details.

The web at KM Flow is also available only in the United States through this limited version. Honeycomb netting adds eye-catching detail while keeping the net closed to hide throws. A killer combo.

When we say this drop is limited, we mean it. There will be 16 available on RHT and only 2 available on LHT. If you want one, don’t hesitate.

A limited edition, the Made in Haga release comes with a price tag to match. The Mizuno KM Flow will set you back $550. An undeniably steep price, but for an undeniably special glove.

This glove is AVAILABLE NOW on the Mizuno website and it won’t be the only limited release we’ll see from Mizuno this year.

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