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A third candidate has announced that Auon’tai “Tay” Anderson will be vacating (not fast enough) the at-large Denver school board seat.

Former East High School principal John Youngquist threw his heat into the ring on the 4th of July, bringing new meaning to this day celebrating our liberation from a repressive regime run by a mad monarch.

Of particular concern to this campaign, Channel 9 reports that Youngquist has publicly supported the return of school resource officers to school campuses.

PeakNation™ You’ll remember that Anderson led the effort to remove the officers who were supposed to protect our children from terrorist shooters and violent students, and instead created a mock-security mall police model that failed spectacularly.

“It is time for DPS leadership to be held accountable for the actions and results of our efforts,” Youngquist said in a statement. “We need to own the harsh realities of our current context, create a different vision to guide us into the future, commit to the strategy and action that is most likely to succeed, and take responsibility for the results we experience as a community.”

Also running for the at-large seat are school safety consultant Paul Ballenger and former Denver mayoral candidate Kwame Spearman.

Having seen enough of his tantrums, dysfunction, and disregard for student safety, Denver Public Schools parents were unwilling to re-elect Anderson to a second term.

So Anderson is taking a chance on the voter side of state House District 8, where Leslie Herod is finally term-limited after serving since 2016.

PeakNation™ You may recall that Herod was recently described by the Vice President of the Colorado Democratic Party as a “bully and a predator.”

Anderson has a good chance of reclaiming Herod’s seat, as Colorado Democrats seem more interested in voting for candidates based on the color of their skin, rather than checking the content of their character.

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