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If one checks Misbah’s profile, one will often come across his bowling statistics in international cricket. 24 balls 30 runs, that’s his bowling stats. You always wonder when did Pakistan’s most successful captain bowled?
It takes a couple of YouTube or Google searches to find a very grainy video of a “young” Misbah bowling against Zimbabwe.

The video begins with the ball going long and Misbah receiving it to throw another. Misbah coMonths into running in typical Punjabi Pehlwan fashion, with his upper body heavy, even his bowling career and action have a very calm outlook.

However, he has advantage with the ball, but due to his bad luck, the goalkeeper is Kamran Akmal.

This is not the only occasion on which he bowled. In a recent Norwegian Premier League (NPL), Misbah wa

s thrown to the ball. In a very clear videowe see a bearded Misbah run like a Punjabi pehlwan while spinning his leg but with a much faster version as his fastest Test century

Misbah ul haq bowling in NPL

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