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The term “gaslighting” comes from the 1938 British comedy “Gas Light”. In the play, a woman’s husband pushes her to the edge of sanity by insisting that the gas lighting doesn’t dim. Indeed, it is fading. Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic meant to convince people that the things they see and know are not really happening.

For the past four years, Democrats have lashed out at then-President Donald Trump for lighting up America with gas. Trump, in fact, often said things that were not true and many of his supporters went along with him. Now, however, it is the Democrats’ turn and neither they nor their friends in the press seem too worried. In fact, it appears that many of the major media outlets are seeing gaslighting.

In 1933, MGM produced a propaganda film for President Franklin Roosevelt to support Roosevelt’s plan to end the Great Depression by causing inflation. “As you probably know, the first step of the inflation plan puts an extra $ 3 billion into circulation. This will make the money more abundant, therefore less valuable. With less valuable money, the dollar’s purchasing power will naturally decline. Therefore, the cost of living will be forced ». It was from 1933.

During the Great Depression, wages dropped dramatically and prices plummeted. Not so now. Inflation was assumed, at least at the time, to be a good thing. Now, inflation is not a good thing and prices are skyrocketing. The Biden administration is enlightening America by claiming that dumping $ 3 trillion into the economy will actually stop inflation. Exactly the opposite will happen. Inflation is already happening with all the money already poured into the economy.

At a basic level, if we assume that the government is giving everyone $ 500 to buy an Xbox, the offer will either be eliminated immediately or the price will skyrocket to keep a reasonable offer. This is inflation. The Biden administration dumped so much money into the economy that prices have skyrocketed to balance supply and demand curves. We have inflation.

The Biden administration has repeatedly claimed that wages are rising, this is gaslighting too. Wages have just risen and inflation has far exceeded wages. Therefore, the purchasing power of each dollar now buys less than what one dollar bought just six months ago. This is a salary cut.

The Biden administration is also enlightening us on fuel prices. The official line is that oil is a global market and that the president can do very little. Takeaway also last year during the pandemic when no one traveled. Two years ago, fuel prices were lower.

Progressives in the Biden administration have voluntarily worked to raise fuel costs. Until it hit their poll, Democrats openly claimed that fuel prices had to be higher to reduce demand for fossil fuels. The Biden administration canceled pipeline plans, canceled exploration leases on federal land, and raised regulatory costs for oil producers. These policies have contributed to the current fuel shortage. When Trump was president, the United States was a net exporter of energy. Now we just have to beg OPEC to produce more.

In all of this, the American media was largely complicit. Just the other day, MSNBC tweeted an article stating that inflation was good for us. Others in the press have argued that inflation would be great for making Americans spend less. Others have argued that shortages are a good thing because if Americans buy less, less will be produced, and that’s good for the climate.

At this point, the Democrats almost seem to want to lose the 2022 midterm elections. After the Virginia election, the Democrats doubled down accusing voters of racism. Voters in Virginia elected the first black lieutenant governor for the state and the first Hispanic attorney general. But the talking heads in the press said it was just further evidence of racism, while denying “critical race theory” is a thing.

Over and over, Democrats have chosen not to be sincere, but instead advance a counterfactual narrative with the help of the press. Then they send the crowd for the boy who points out that their emperor has no clothes. With the truth in short supply, they scream: “But Trump!”


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