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There was no St. Bonaventure media covering the game. No reporters from The Times Herald, Buffalo News or the student media. Neither did reporters from the Philadelphia newspapers.

And so there was no immediate update on Osun Osunniyi and his injured ankle. The story of the day, perhaps the story of the season, was laid bare.

This is why access is important, why covering games in person is important. This shows the limits of covering a game on a TV broadcast, now with the ability to talk to the people in the arena or describe anything the director in the truck won’t show you.

To be very clear: This is not meant to be an insult or criticism of any of the reporters who normally cover St. Bonaventure or college sports in Western New York. Any self-respecting reporter wants to be there. It’s not even a criticism of assignment editors. Everyone is making the best decisions they can with limited resources.

No, this is a systemic problem facing sports journalism.

It’s just one small example of the larger problems facing the entire sports and news media industry.

When the story of the day cannot be fully and adequately reported, what are we doing here?

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