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If you’re wondering why beloved singer/actress Selena Gomez has been under the radar for the past year, she’ll tell you herself that she’s spent the year rebuilding; herself, her service and her social networks.

Specifically, the star wanted to go back to her roots. Fame can often take away from simple things, but Gomez describes his old self as simple.

When it comes to service, she was inspired by several important women who came into her life at just the right time and wanted to give back.

Lastly, Gomez admits that she cares less about social media and if someone sees her enjoying a glass of wine. She hasn’t been trying to hide, but to be more dedicated to living in the moment and leaving social media out of it.

Living in the fast lane

It’s no surprise that Gomez wanted a little break for herself.

Since 2015, the star experienced a blockbuster album, Renaissance, which featured some of the hottest songs including: “Hands to Myself,” “Good for You” and “Kill em With Kindness.” She admits that this album was created at a breakneck pace and that there was a lot of demand for a follow-up album.

Shortly after, after undergoing a kidney transplant and breaking up with her boyfriend, The Weeknd arrived, while also having a brief reunion with Justin Bieber. Finally, the start of 2018 included treatment for depression and anxiety, because honestly, who wouldn’t after all that?

Giving back

Selena Gomez has always been active in charity work. Since her debut with Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Placethe young actress was UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassador and raised awareness of the plight of children in Ghana with her Trick or Treat campaign.

Although there are too many to name, other charities that she has openly supported include: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Free the Children, ENOUGH Project, Stand Up to Cancer, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Teen Cancer America, to name a few. few.

While it’s clear Gomez was dedicated to the community, she wanted to make an even bigger difference during her cleanup last year. She described that she was tired of taking things in her life and that she wanted to serve in her place.

Gomez then began interning for A21, while still working at the studio. However, she still didn’t feel effective if she shared her time, so she immersed herself in serving others.

A21 is a nonprofit human trafficking organization. Their mission is to end slavery in the hope that all human beings will be rescued from slavery and fully restored. With 14 locations around the world, Gomez was able to spend time giving back and working with purpose. She believes that human trafficking is not just something to talk about, it requires action.

Get away from social media

As once the most followed person on Instagram, Gomez knew that much of her cleansing had to come from social media as well. She admitted that she got depressed and sad seeing all these amazing and beautiful people on Instagram, which became unhealthy.

Gomez then deleted the app from her phone entirely. He deleted all photo-editing apps and gave his account information to a friend, where he only occasionally posted.

The star began to realize that with her internet blackout came a great truth. He wants to get the word out to the younger generation that being exposed to so much information, too much, is unrealistic and can cause anxiety.

Social media has its uses in our lives, but everyone needs to somehow protect themselves from what they are exposed to and be aware of how social media makes you feel.

Gomez practiced what he preached, and if it doesn’t make you feel good, don’t do it.

The future

With his new film about to be released, the dead don’t die, Selena Gomez has slowly returned to the spotlight. This time it’s in moderation and on your terms.

Gómez admits that he has learned a lot and that he is happy. He recently celebrated his 27th birthday and claims that he is a completely different person than he was when he was 20 years old.

She also moved away from Los Angeles, which made a world of difference in her ability to separate herself from the world for a bit. Specifically, she Selena claims that she finally loves being alone.

Gomez intends to uphold these practices even while working on films and albums. There is a lot to be said for mindfulness from her and she is a clear positive role model for the younger generation. A better life starts with a better you

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