Which engaged couples from the fifth season of the 90s got married and split up?


Season 5 of TLC’s gripping guilty pleasure reality TV series 90 days boyfriend it was one of the most dramatic seasons on the show! During season 5, fans were introduced to four new couples Josh Other Aika Batterson, Molly Hopkins Other Luis Mendez, David Vázquez Zermeño Other Evelyn Cormier, David Other Annie Toborowsky, And I would go Other Elizabeth castravet, in addition to old favorites Nicole Nafziger Other Azan Tefou. Read on below to find out who got married in the Season 5 finale 90 days boyfriend and which couples are still together today!

The couple had an extremely heated discussion about their fertility issues just days before their wedding, but they were able to freshen up and sort things out when they walked down the aisle. Their ceremony was held in a Las Vegas chapel. As of 2021, the couple are still going strong and have even documented their married life adventures on their joint Instagram account.

Even though this couple were the one with the fewest drama between them, that doesn’t mean it was smooth sailing! The couple quarreled and quarreled over some mundane things like wedding details and bigger issues like where they would live once they got married. Fans pointed out that Evelyn became a brat after demanding that David’s groomsmen pay to rent a tuxedo to complete the look for her dream wedding, but David felt it was rude to ask them to spend the extra money as well. the travel expenses to fly from Spain to America to attend their wedding. Evelyn eventually made her wish come true thanks to her parents, who footed the bill. On the morning of their wedding, a small dilemma arose: David’s friend left the wedding rings in David’s apartment and their storyline ended on a cliffhanger.

After the wedding, them announced their move in Los Angeles in 2019 e dealt with divided rumors confirming that they were still together in 2020. In March 2021, David was hit by a car “while cycling to work,” Evelyn revealed at the time.

Elizabeth and Andrei discussed the aftermath of Elizabeth’s bachelorette party, where her sisters confiscated her phone so she couldn’t contact her future husband while they were out celebrating because they felt she was too controlling. Andrei decided he needed to meet Elizabeth’s older sister Jen to clear things up between them before the wedding and show that she isn’t trying to control Elizabeth.

In May 2018, Elizabeth found out they were pregnant with their first child together. After welcoming their daughter, Eleanor, they got married in a second marriage ceremony held in Moldova so that her family members could attend. As documented in season 5 of 90 day boyfriend: they lived happily ever after, their family drama reached a boiling point at the reception when Libby’s brother Charlie insulted Andrei in his speech. Returning for season six, the couple’s tension with Libby’s family continued to reach new heights.

Their marriage almost didn’t happen after David’s adult daughter Ashley tried to sabotage her relationship by telling Annie about her father’s shady past, which included multiple alleged relationships with strippers. But after David pleaded with her fiancé and explained how ashamed she was of her past, she decided to forgive him and the marriage started again.

After their success story with the show and their spinoff appearances Pillow talk, David and Annie said In contact in October 2021, “When we started this journey, we never expected any of this to happen,” before adding, “We are so honored by all the fans who have supported us on this crazy journey and who want to see our lives.” The couple got their own spin-off for Facebook Watch, a cooking show.

Their marriage also nearly missed after Molly and Luis had an explosive argument last week. Luis almost accused Molly of being a witch because she didn’t have as many religious relics in her home as she would have liked, and Molly was extremely angry at the way Luis treated her daughters. Luis then packed up and left – and Molly canceled the wedding. But that’s not the only shock! Molly revealed that Luis should not have returned to his home country of the Dominican Republic once their visa expired because they were already legally married.

The couple divorced in 2018 and Molly has since moved on with Kelly, a policeman from Brooklyn, New York, while Luis re-married in October 2018. S.After separating from Molly, Luis denied rumors that he had cheated on her during their relationship in 90 days: The single life say it all.

Even though Nicole and Azan got engaged, Nicole visited Azan in her home country of Morocco to make sure they were both ready to take the next step in their relationship. They certainly had their fair share of problems, but when Nicole returned to the United States, she told her mom that she still wanted to go through the process.

After five years together, the couple split in 2021. “Azan and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Nicole said In contact in July 2021, confirming that they remained friendly. “We had a lot of love and respect for each other, but we weren’t without flaws. Unfortunately we can no longer continue our journey together. ”Since their separation, Nicole has he remained focused on school and raising his daughter, May.

The pair appeared in the first season of the TLC spin-off 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days, and their relationship was tumultuous at best. Paul publicly accused Karine of cheating on him, then they got back together and even moved to Brazil to be with her (and reportedly got married). Months later, Paul accused Karine of cheating on him again. However, the mystery man in question, Joe, said … In contact, “I don’t want to be involved in anyone’s marriage. It felt like the entire marriage was being manipulated to support a storyline on the show. “

Despite their ups and downs, Paul and Karine, who too obtained restraining orders against each other at some point before I drop them, welcomed a son Pierre in March 2019 and another son Ethan in February 2021.

Darcey Silva and her Dutch boyfriend Jesse Meester decided to quit in 2018. Her hinted at a split on Instagram and erased all traces of Jesse on social media. Darcey then moved on with her British boyfriend Tom Brooks, before they closed it. Darcey continued dating her boyfriend Georgi Rusev, but their relationship took a bad turn in September 2021, when Darcey was told by her sister, Stacey, in an episode of Darcey and Stacey that Stacey’s husband, Florian Sukaj, claims that Georgi contacted Jesse on the phone. Since then, it’s unclear whether their relationship survived the drama.


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