White House switches to damage control mode after CNN’s kneecap and Politico Kamala Harris – twitchy.com


CNN ran an absolutely brutal article about Vice President Kamala Harris and her “rocky relationship with parts of the White House”:

Reportedly, “Key West Wing aides” are “[w]out of what they see as ingrained dysfunction and lack of focus “with the vice president and his staff:

When you lost CNN. . .

Guys, they’re finally saying the quiet part out loud and admitting that Biden is a one-term president:

Politico also added to the pile with this story about how French media basically ignored his recent visit and meeting with President Emmanuel Macron:

Mission NOT accomplished:

And now I’m in damage control mode. From Harris spox Symone Sanders:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki added that Harris is “not only a vital partner for @POTUS, but a bold leader who has addressed the key and important challenges facing the country”:

“OH.” Are they so “beaten”?

And, yes, the account of what’s really going on behind the scenes is going to be great:

Twitch video recommended


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