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Who are the 10 worst signings acquired by Barcelona?

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FC Barcelona once again ravages big names in the transfer market. Joan Laporta’s tactic of buying Agentes Libres has been working wonderfully for the Catalans who have already acquired some big names in the world of football. But today we are not looking at the best, but at the worst signings that Barcelona has made.

From Andre Gomes to Ousmane Dembélé, the list of Barcelona’s worst signings is endless. A few players like Luis Suárez or Gerrard Piqué make a name for themselves at the club, while a handful of them leave Spain without stamping their authority. We in FootTheBall Take a look at who the 10 worst Barcelona signings are.


The most expensive footballer ever bought by Barcelona in the transfer market, Coutinho was considered the perfect replacement for the departing Neymar. With the extravagance of slicing inside and shoving the ball into the goalkeeper’s roof, Coutinho was a special prospect in the Premier League. The 120 million chicken could not withstand the pressure at Camp Nou where it faltered miserably.

Injuries overshadowed his stay in Barcelona, ​​where he soon became unnecessary baggage. The Brazilian arrived at the Camp Nou wanting to win the Champions League but had to move to the Allianz Arena to fulfill his dream when he eliminated the Catalans 8-2 in a chaotic start.


A reckless signing more than a considered decision, the signing of Dembélé cost the Blaugranas a fortune. Dembélé’s eye for the goal is undoubtedly his greatest visible talent. He has often demonstrated his ability to draw in opponents and cut through opponents at breakneck speed. He has demonstrated this prowess in a host of situations both on the counter and while his team is in command. His flank speed is exceptional, but he can also hit numerous defenders by diving in from outside positions.

This allows Dembélé to be considered a versatile weapon in the penalty area if his team has trouble crossing a stuck baseline. But the former Dortmund player could not adapt well in Spain. The catalog of injuries increased and he spent more time recovering than on the field. His substitutes snatched the prominence from the Frenchman who went backstage in a short time.


A master of the Turkish midfield, Arda Turan was considered the next great magician in the world of football. The supposed replacement of Andrés Iniesta, a Barcelona veteran, Turan’s rise to fame has not been on the bright side. Forbidden for throwing a boot at the referee, Turan did not meet disciplinary expectations at the club.

Barcelona’s theory of deploying its youth replaced Turan’s witchcraft in the middle of the park. The $ 34 million former Atlético player soon became a bench warmer at the club, rarely finding his name in the starting XI. With exceptional passing skills and superb vision, Turan could have been a star at the club if he had learned to stay away from conflict and controversy.


One of Barcelona’s shady deals that left a team in limbo was the acquisition of Malcolm. Malcolm of Bordeaux had decided to play for the Italian giants Roma. Unfortunately for the Romans, Barcelona stepped in in the final moments to sabotage the deal and take Malcolm under their eyes. The left-handed sensation had a hard time adapting to Ernesto Valverde’s system.

The bored Catalan manager took the explosiveness out of Malcolm’s style of play, forcing him to take on a more defensive role. The winger donned the prestigious Catalans jersey only 15 times before being thrown to other parts of Europe.


In 2008, Alexander Hleb signed a 17 million euro contract with Barça. Barcelona anticipated big promises from Hleb, who had a cancellation option of 90 million euros in his contract. In the limited times he played, the attacker simply couldn’t establish his position in the senior team and it was a huge disappointment.

A participant in Barcelona’s high-flying campaigns, Hleb had very few contributions, and that’s how everything started to go wrong. The Belarusian winger had impressed during his 3 years at the Gunners, but his 36 appearances for Barcelona were quickly ignored as he struggled to hit during his tenure with the Spanish national team.


A sumptuous and splendid Gunner project Alex Song was busy, captivating everyone with his exploits, particularly Barcelona. Song’s fate was up in the air for a while, but Barcelona were able to catch the all-rounder African in the end.

Unfortunately, Song was rarely able to transform according to the club’s system, and his recurring absences were a continual source of stress for the club. Song never redeemed himself at the Camp Nou as he failed to reach his full potential and was soon loaned out to the Hammers. And from there, Song’s decline never took a 180-degree turn.


Keirrison appeared to be a talented young man when he joined Barcelona after a handful of successful seasons with two Brazilian national teams and was regarded as one of the biggest potential Brazilians at this time. At that time, the European tigers turned their attention to Keirrison and decided to sign the fresh blood for 14 million euros.

He came to Barcelona as a talent worthy of being considered based on his great projections in his own nation, but it hardly materialized. The Brazilian ‘K9’ was released to the Portuguese Benfica after his stint at the Camp Nou lasted only a week. From an astonishing talent to a Brazilian failure, Keirrison’s aspirations were soon demolished when he turned out to be a regrettable purchase for Barcelona’s management.


Dmytro Chygrynskiy was a strange acquisition by the Spanish monsters, since he only stayed with a single campaign with the Catalan squad, which was a terrible experience for the defender. Barça completed a € 25 million deal for the towering defender who could change the game with his solid defensive techniques after lengthy discussions with Shakhtar Donetsk.

Chygrynskiy was hired for his acrobatic skills and passing, but the Ukrainian couldn’t match the momentum and expectations of Guardiola’s management magic. After gracing the Nou Camp pitch only 10-15 times, Chygrynskiy was abandoned by the club when he was left in search of a new home.


In 2014, Barcelona went crazy in the transfer window. Acquiring players from different countries seemed like a long-term buying plan. One of the key additions to the Culés squad was the Brazilian Douglas Pereira. A very cheap purchase, Periera could have renewed the situation at the Camp Nou with his excellent strength and passing ability.

The right-back had the ability to defend himself as a wall when necessary and sneak out to the front to mark crosses in the area. But a popular player for his bizarre debut, Pereira became a laughing point for Barcelona fans when some of them started calling him Barcelona’s worst signings. Losing his place to a rising Sergio Roberto, Pereira had to pack his bags and leave for Gijón to make a name for himself in the market.


On the bright side of Portugal’s Euro 2016 winning campaign, Andre Gomes was a hidden gem. Commanding Fernando Santos’ midfield, Gomes provided the right amount of balance when attacking and defending. The ability to score crucial goals reinforced his resume as a player and Barcelona capitalized on Gomes’ rise to glory. But his arrival in Spain was not a fairy tale.

The Portuguese encountered immense hatred from fans who voted him the worst signing of the year. With the pressure on Gomes’ young shoulder, he failed to unlock his potential and the Camp Nou could not witness his talent. The midfielder was loaned to Everton after his love affair with the Barcelona bench dragged on for a couple of seasons. From Iniesta’s replacement to one of the worst signings in Barcelona’s modern history, Gomes’s tenure at the Camp Nou was immensely exhausted.

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