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One of Xavi’s first surprises in Barcelona is the debut of Ilias Akhomach, one of the jewels of the quarry that contributes to the culé offensive.

One of the big surprises in Xavi Hernández’s first call-up and line-up in Barcelona was the incorporation of Ilias Akhomach. At just 17 years old, he is one of the great promises of La Masía and the intention of the new culé technical director is to polish him to turn him into a jewel.

He is the fourth footballer of Moroccan descent to debut with the Blaugrana squad and he is Catalan; however, he also has dual citizenship. Tuesday, November 16, was the big news in training after a great game over the weekend.

Ilias Akhomach scored a double when facing Sevilla Atlético from the subsidiary, with Xavi in ​​the Johan Cruyff stands. What was already a squad full of youngsters in Barcelona’s first team, went one step further with the incorporation of this element that attracts a lot of attention.

How does Ilias Akhomach play and what does he bring to Barcelona?

Ilias Akhomach was close to the Barcelona first team for a few months. Ronald Koeman called him during the preseason to join training, but he caught COVID-19 and his opportunity had to wait. Even so, he remained firm at Barça B to fight for a position.

In Spain they describe him as a very versatile left back. Beyond his dribbling skills, he can also move down the right wing and on more than one occasion has been named “The Next Messi”. “For some time he was better suited to that right side and handled both profiles with ease.

Óscar Hernández, Xavi’s brother and assistant, described Ilias Akhomach as one of the great wonders of the culé youth system: “He It is a winger that goes outside, that has one against one, tries to give width. And because of our game model we need that. You deserve the chance”, he explained on Barça TV.

The intention in the derby against Espanyol is for Akhomach to take a completely leading role in the attack. The youth accompanied Memphis Depay from the starting eleven, something that surprised both the fans and the Spanish press. Luuk de Jong and Coutinho remained on the bench, who have not been able to consolidate themselves in the lineup, not even with other coaches.

The race that begins this Saturday, November 20 at the Camp Nou promises to bear great fruit, and that is that Ilias Akhomach has already shared the field with other players like Gavi. In the middle of the crisis and in a somewhat forced way, the new generation of Barcelona takes the most important positions.

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