Who knew? The debate on the transition to permanent daylight saving time ignites a furious passion


Most of us grew up knowing that time zones weren’t a “thing” until the railroads were built and it became quite important to know what time – compared to the time in another stupid city – it might turn up. a train. point learned that the country switched to summer time during World War II as a means of saving electricity. After the war, people decided they liked summer time, especially during the summer, and here we are.

Here we are for now. There is a movement calling for Congress to make daylight saving permanent nationwide and not to have clocks run back and forth. That the movement has become political and heated might be surprising at first. Then we remember that it is the United States, around 2021.

Obviously, the money is on the one hand (the golf course industry, for one, millions on the line) and on the other? Some doctors, who believe that natural time zones suit our circadian rhythms better, and some people just prefer “as it should be”. Politic outlines the dynamics of a battle between the two main adversaries, and the matter has become surprisingly bitter, one could say full of contempt and mistrust, between David S. Prerau, a daylight saving expert, and Scott Yates, head of “Save the Standard Time” (who also grudgingly admits that he’d prefer just once and not go back and forth, which makes you want to lightly slap both of them. their heads and say the compromise is right there.), Regardless, Politico writes:

Since early 2020, Yates has been running blog posts suggesting that Pea was receiving funding from, among others, the pharmaceutical industry and calling him a “sock puppet.” In the infamous January 2021 phone call, Yates said he told Pea he would delete those posts if Pea stopped interacting with him on Twitter. Pea agreed but didn’t follow up, Yates said, so he never took the seats away.

The feud has grown to such an extent that Pea said he consulted lawyers. When asked why he came to this place, Yates said he had exactly the same question. It was supposed to be fun, he said.

Black men in this country are stopped for speeding and end up being shot, we had an attack on democracy on January 6th, but these two are asking, “What time is it?” on which to unleash their fury and political passion.

According to the Politico article, the push to summer time all year is likely to win if Congress ever gets it done, which is a dubious proposition in and of itself.

It’s easy enough to see why permanent daylight saving time would win, especially if you live in the north and especially on the eastern side of a time zone. It is really annoying to be asked at 7pm to run outside for toilet paper in the freezing cold and in what appears to be the middle of the night, despite the fact that one may be on the thirteenth hole at the same time in July.

It is likely to have some value in having a period of time during which to curl up around the fire, during a light snowstorm, in the dark, at 5pm, could be good for the soul.

Regardless of the personal feud, and despite the general bipartisan agreement between both sides of the aisle, it remains to rely on the seemingly impossible, Congress is organizing enough to pass a bill and bring it to the White House…. promised updates…. as necessary.


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